Xiaomi teaser “something with four cameras”

Xiaomi teaser “something with four cameras”

A teaser for an unknown device equipped with a four-camera photo module appeared on Xiaomi’s Twitter account. There are no details at the moment, there is only the phrase "4 is coming 4 everyone". The image also has a name – Redmi, so it seems that we are talking about a certain Xiaomi sub-brand mobile device.

In the comments to the tweet, they express their assumptions regarding the upcoming announcement (Redmi Note 8 pro is the most common), disputes are being held, skepticism is slipping: “Four cameras, only three come in handy.”

What exactly is hinting at Xiaomi will become known in the near future.

Xiaomi teaser “something with four cameras”

– Xiaomi #MiMIXAlpha (@Xiaomi) October 3, 2019

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