Xiaomi Mi Band 4 received a new opportunity that everyone dreamed of

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 received a new opportunity that everyone dreamed of

Wearable electronics every day is becoming more and more sold in every way, and the most interesting wrist tracker available on the market now is Xiaomi Mi Band 4. This was officially introduced back in June this year, and then, after some time , it was launched for sale. In the three months of its sales, the owners of this wrist gadget managed to become more than four million people around the world, including residents of Europe and other countries. However, even in spite of such great popularity, this wrist gadget still contains some drawbacks that prevent it from being used to its full potential, receiving only positive emotions from it.

Fortunately, the developers are trying to take into account the wishes of the owners of the company’s tracker, regularly updating its firmware and adding various new features to this wrist gadget. Today, October 3, 2019, the release of firmware for Xiaomi Mi Band 4 took place, which received a new setting, which many people dream of from the very moment of the start of sales of this wrist gadget. The fact is that far from all users are satisfied that the display goes blank automatically before you have time to study all the information on this, including looking at the availability of notifications from the phone and the exact time. The thing is that the bracelet display automatically turns off after 5 seconds from the moment it was turned on, and some people find this time interval too short.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 received a new opportunity that everyone dreamed of

To the delight of users, now through the Mi Fit app for Android and iOS, you can easily and simply change this parameter by choosing any one you want in the range from 5 to 10 seconds. A longer period of time is not provided due to the fact that its installation can lead to too strong a decrease in the autonomy of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet, which is now at the level of 20 days on a single charge. The innovation, without any doubt, is extremely useful for those who at least once experienced the inconvenience associated with prematurely turning off the display. Now you can forget about such a problem, but for this you need to update the sports bracelet to the new version. However, fortunately, to make it easier than ever.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 received a new opportunity that everyone dreamed of

To do this, you need to run the companion program for the tracker on your smartphone, and then, after that, go to the settings of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and select the option associated with checking the availability of the new firmware. This can already be installed in China, India and Turkey, and in the coming days or even hours, the update will be released in Europe and other countries. Installing a new firmware usually takes no more than two minutes, and immediately after it a sports bracelet will offer to take advantage of a new opportunity. Otherwise, this firmware contains a number of new dials for the display, and it also improves the accuracy of measuring physical activity in swimming mode in a pond or pool.

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Until October 13, inclusive, everyone has the opportunity to get the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 smart bracelet for free, spending only 1 minute of their personal time on it.


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