Xiaomi announced an affordable sonic toothbrush

Xiaomi announced an affordable sonic toothbrush

Xiaomi continues the tradition of launching new devices on its crowdfunding platform. Recently, the company introduced the Mijia T500 sonic toothbrush for 28, and now intends to release an even more affordable model of an advanced device – almost six times cheaper than its predecessor.

Xiaomi announced an affordable sonic toothbrush

Mijia T100 Sonic weighs 46 grams and is made in a minimalistic body in white. The surface of the bristles, according to the manufacturer, has undergone a special treatment for optimal cleaning of the oral cavity and protection of the gums. The housing is certified according to the IPX7 standard – the device remains operational after rinsing with running water. The bristles vibrate at a speed of 16,500 times per minute, ensuring the removal of plaque. T100 supports two modes: "standard" and "gentle", depending on the user’s preferences.

The brush pauses after 30 seconds of operation to remind the user of the need to change position, and turns off two minutes after the start of brushing. It takes 4 hours to fully charge the Mijia T100, one charge will be enough for daily cleaning for about 30 days.

At the fundraising stage, the Mijia T100 Sonic toothbrush will cost 13 for a set of three copies, the device will go on sale at a retail price of 5.

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