Windows 11 is the best operating system in the world.

Windows 11 is the best operating system in the world.

The demand for software is growing at a record speed, and this is due primarily to the fact that various manufacturers are increasingly using it in their electronic devices. Now even the latest models of refrigerators and toasters have an operating system installed, and if we talk about this for computers, tablets, laptops and other similar gadgets, then Windows 10 is the most common among them. This platform managed to find over more than four years of its presence on the market tremendous popularity, but she never got rid of many problems. That is why now the whole world is waiting for the release of such a new platform as Windows 11, Microsoft should release it in early 2020, that is, very soon.

So far, developers have not made any full-fledged statements about their new OS, but they have already stated that the now available Windows 10 is entering the final stage of its existence as an actual platform. Whenever this happens, Microsoft then releases a new operating system, and this should become Windows 11 by all laws of the genre. It is expected that its presentation will take place in November-December of this year, after which public testing will begin, and everyone can participate in it. . Then, after that, in the first half of 2020, the final stable assembly of the new Windows will finally be released.

Windows 11 is the best operating system in the world.

There is no doubt that Windows 11 will be the best operating system in the world, because the innovations that it will receive will definitely please all users. So, in particular, owners of computers, tablets, laptops and other electronic devices will enjoy a completely new appearance of all elements, an improved Start menu, a revised protection system, increased stability several times over, as well as an increase in speed and a number of other advantages. To fully realize the majority of these, it was possible due to the modular core of Windows Core, which even allows installing updates without constant reboots without unnecessary difficulties.

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Windows 11 is the best operating system in the world.

It is due to the unique core created by Microsoft that the new operating system will be the best in its class. At the same time, such a bet was made on simplicity, so they refused many functions in Windows 11, so as to make it much more understandable, more logical and more convenient now available on the Windows 10 market. Most likely, all users will be satisfied with the latest software, because it will be not only work quickly and stably, but also offer a lot of opportunities in a single interface, making it easier to deal with this OS, even for a person who is poorly versed in various kinds of information technologies.

Earlier it became known that the detected setting in Windows 10 doubles the speed of work.

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