Windows 10 completely “killed”

Windows 10 completely "killed"

As many users of computers, laptops, tablets and monoblocks have probably noticed, in recent years, support for the Windows 10 operating system has deteriorated very much, because developers have begun to pay less attention to the quality of any updates. Because of this, users again and again face various problems that prevent them from fully using the operating system, getting the most out of it. Unfortunately, in the near future something that many do not expect will happen, because a major update in the face of 19H2, which should be released in the coming days, seems to be the last for Windows, according to insiders.

It is reported that Microsoft decided to stop the main phase of support for Windows 10, and therefore major updates for it will not be released every six months. Instead, such users are waiting for small updates issued monthly. They will not bring anything new with them, except for fixing various bugs and shortcomings in the protection system. Thus, it will be honest and fair to say that the life cycle of the tenth “Windows” is coming to an end, since more than four years have passed since its release, and more than five years, usually the OS from this corporation does not remain relevant, because they are being replaced new, better in everything.

Windows 10 completely "killed"

It’s quite obvious that many users will surely be satisfied that the tenth Windows has come to an end, because instead of it they will have to release a new operating system that is more advanced in all respects, while the currently available one will go to rest. At the same time, the 19H2 update, which should be presented and released any day (according to rumors), will become a kind of “farewell gift”, because it will increase the speed of Windows 10, strengthen the security system and fix a lot of shortcomings that have spoiled millions of users for many years more-less. It remains only to wait for the release of this update, because this will be the last major.

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Windows 10 completely "killed"

With the transition to a monthly cycle of small updates, the development cycle of Windows 10 as the most promising development of the company will end. Based on the story, then whenever Microsoft does this with any of its operating systems, then, after a few months, they announce or release a new one. The owners of computers, tablets, laptops and other electronic devices can only wait until finally the long-awaited update is released, which should increase the user experience to the maximum, making Windows better in all respects before its support is discontinued in terms of release full major updates.

Earlier it became known that all computers on Windows 10 were attacked by a deadly virus. Not a single antivirus will save.

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