Why Iphone 4s Slows Down How To Speed Up The Iphone 4s

Why Iphone 4s Slows Down How To Speed Up The Iphone 4s

General recommendations on how to speed up your iPhone. Or why after updating iPhone 4s slows down?

If you want to keep your device in good health, then there are a few recommendations that will help you do this. They belong to the iPhone 4S, but will be useful to owners of older models (iPhone 4, etc.).

  1. So, firstly, in no case do not update iOS! The fact is that in the operating system, starting with iOS 7 and up to iOS9 version, some irreversible changes began that could easily kill your “old man”. The new version of the operating system requires so much RAM that your smartphone simply can not work with it. In the best case, constant crashes and reboots await you. And at worst, you get a brick. Updating iOS owners of older iPhone models is strictly prohibited.
  2. Secondly, moderate your ardor in relation to games. New games are beyond the power of your device. If you make him start some kind of game from the new ones, then, at best, he will refuse to do it. In the worst case, he will still launch it and his processor will burn out from excessive loads. This, of course, is unlikely, but do you need it?
    These are general guidelines. Now let’s move on to how to clean your smartphone from unnecessary junk.
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The consequences of updating the iPhone 4s on iOS9 can be seen in the video:

This fact is easy to confirm, you just look at the graph of the dynamics of user queries on Google for the request "iPhone slow". The peak of requests falls each year on the same period of September-October (Apple presentation time)

Cleaning your smartphone if iPhone 4S is buggy

  • If your iPhone slows down, then, it is likely that he simply does not have enough RAM. In most cases, the "RAM" is supposedly occupied by closed applications. Multitasking in iOS, of course, is a necessary thing, but it can play a negative role. Therefore, you need to check the system tray for applications running in the background. And, if any, close them.
  • The next step is to free up device memory. Surely there are tons of unnecessary songs and pictures in your Apple iPhone. Removing all this garbage can somewhat speed up the smartphone. The next step is to remove unused programs. If you do not use them, this does not mean that they do not "eat" RAM. Removing unnecessary programs will help to improve the whole smartphone.
  • Why Iphone 4s Slows Down How To Speed Up The Iphone 4s
  • And finally, we’ll finish the treatment of the smartphone by cleaning the temporary files of the Safari browser. His cookies interfere with normal surfing on the Internet and litter the device’s memory. In order to clear unnecessary browser files, go to “Settings” – “Safari” and click on the “Clear History” and “Delete Cookies and Data” buttons. Just keep in mind that all your saved passwords will also disappear.
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How long do apps load on iOS 7 and iOS 8?

Using Battery Saver

Using the third-party Battery Saver application, you can redistribute the use of the device’s RAM. This will help to allocate more memory for demanding applications. In addition, the application will be a good solution to extend the battery life of the device. The application is completely free, so there will be no problems with the installation. In addition, the Battery Saver interface is intuitive, so there will also be no difficulties using this program.

[appbox appstore 999500679]


We have just listed the ways in which you can make iPhone work faster. Performing these simple operations at least once every six months will ensure the long and painless operation of your smartphone. Of course, nothing lasts forever, and soon old models will generally refuse to work with new applications. But until the hour X has arrived, it makes sense to take care of the "health" of your device.

Also some tips on how to remove the brakes on an iPhone in a video:


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