Why Ipad Does Not Charge Reasons And Solutions

Why Ipad Does Not Charge Reasons And Solutions

A common type of malfunction iPad is that its battery not charging or does not recharge despite the use of a Li-on battery.

  • Charger malfunction. This is the most common reason, therefore, first of all, you need to check the operability of the charger that is currently in use. You can check the charging failure with a tester (multimeter), if you do not know how to do it yourself, contact a friend who understands this.
  • The charger connector does not function as a result of mechanical damage (may occur as a result of inappropriate use). If the connector is damaged, it will have to be replaced with a new one, after which the tablet computer will begin to charge well again.
  • The lower loop may be inoperative due to moisture entering the device or due to inaccurate use and resulting in mechanical damage. In this case, only the replacement of the loop in the service center will correct the situation.
  • The reason may be the use of a non-original charger, which led to the failure of the power controller. The way to resolve this problem depends on the specific case and usually ends with a trip to the service center.
  • It is possible that moisture particles have formed on the main board of the tablet computer or condensation has formed. In this case, it is necessary to clean it and restore working capacity in the service center.

Sometimes a malfunction becomes relevant when the iPad refuses to charge from the computer’s usb port. These features should be considered when diagnosing the device. The best option is to contact the repair service, where specialists will fix all breakdowns.

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A separate case is the problem when the screen iPad A message appears indicating that charging is not going on. Often this happens when charging from computer, via USB port. In this case, the iPad may display a message about no charge, although in reality it is charging, true, rather slowly. Therefore, charging from a computer takes much longer than from a charger, do not forget about this fact.

The troubles may be the rapid discharge of the iPad battery. The reason for this may be a battery failure or moisture in the device. In the first case, the battery is changed, in the second they resort to thorough drying, since in the presence of condensation – the tablet computer can consume significantly more electricity.

Many iPad owners are interested in how long it takes to fully charge the tablet. The answer to this question is not always unambiguous – it all depends on the charging method used, the technical condition of the battery, and also on the presence of possible malfunctions in the power circuit.


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