Where To Enter The Six-Digit Code On Apple Tv

Where To Enter The Six-Digit Code On Apple Tv

A two-step verification allows users to prevent attackers from accessing your Apple ID account as much as possible, even if your password is in their hands. In this article, we will describe the process of setting up a two-step verification of Apple ID.

Why do I need a two-step verification of Apple ID? Recently, cases of theft of Apple ID accounts have become more frequent and attackers gaining access to them use this for criminal purposes. The most harmless example is the purchase of digital content using users’ credit cards, while the most “advanced” ones block devices and extort money to restore access. In order to maximize the security of Apple ID accounts of its users, Apple has introduced a two-step verification.

It works as follows: when setting up verification, the user indicates trusted devices to which a four-digit verification code will come. This code must be entered every time you log in to manage your Apple ID on the company’s website or make purchases in the App Store, iTunes Store or iBook Store. After entering the system, purchases and other actions can be performed as usual.

Step 1. Go to My Apple ID

Step 2. Click the “Manage Apple ID” button and log in using your account information

Step 3. Select “Password and Security”

Step 4. Answer the security questions and click Continue.

Step 5. In the Two-step verification section, click Proceed.

Step 6. Read the information on the two-step verification setup page for Apple ID and click Continue

Step 7. Then you will be asked to wait three days. this is necessary for the safety of the process. A notification about the possibility of enabling two-stage authorization will come to the mailbox

Step 8. After that, three days will pass. continue the process of activating the two-step verification by clicking on the link in the letter

Step 9. Select a trusted device and check the system by entering the received four-digit code

Step 10. Accept the terms and click Enable two-step verification

After the installation is complete, you can check the system in action by trying to log in to My Apple ID. Now, to enter the account you will need a code from a trusted device. the same can be seen in the App Store.

Apple ID means the user account used to log into any service from the Apple company. If you don’t have one or you forgot your number, you can restore access in several ways. Each of them is described below. Where to get the Apple ID, how to look at it on the iPhone and find out in case of loss – all these issues are discussed in this article.

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Choose another email

Almost always, the ID characters match the email address. If you have problems, the first thing you need to try to drive in turn all your addresses. Any of them could be used by you for ID.

We use the account page

  • We go to her page and click on the forgotten ID or password item.
  • If you received an SMS to enter the identifier, you need to select the line where it says that it was forgotten.
  • We drive in our personal data and e-mail. If it turns out that the mail is incorrect, you can try to enter other information.

If you are already signed in …

It so happens that the user has already logged into one of the "apple" devices. You can check the number in a similar situation by the following methods.

On iPhone and iPad:

  • Click on the settings and go to the AppStore section.
  • Go to iCloud settings.
  • Select the message section, and then the sending point.
  • Proceed to FaceTime.
  • Select mail section …

On Mac devices or gadgets that run on the Windows operating system, we find the desired through the following steps:

  • We’ll follow through the Apple menu, and then to configure the system, click on the iCloud icon.
  • Open the mailer and select the appropriate item, then go to the account.
  • Open the calendar and go back to the account.
  • Select FaceTime and go to the settings.
  • Go to the message item and accounting.

So, if the ID is clarified, and there is no way to remember the password characters, just reset them and set a new one.

Checking previously completed purchases in iTunes

If you are a happy owner of one or more “apple” devices, then you must have bought the application at least once in the iTunes Store. And without accounting, this is impossible to accomplish. If the ID number has changed since then, the name will be invalid in the information item.

But you can try to check, for this:

  • Open the iTunes utility.
  • We click on the name of one of the previously purchased products (you can find their list in the library).
  • Select the edits and details section.
  • Proceed to the file tab.
  • Go to the point of purchased software. In brackets will be indicated the ID from which the purchase was made.

If the number is successfully determined, the password again does not appear in any way – reset it. If you need to change the identifier after this operation, update it in the settings window for all Yabloko services.

Do not forget that there should be only one account for all "apple" devices. Using multiple numbers can cause difficulties when accessing Apple services.

Also note that the FaceTime application is not available for all regions and countries, so if you cannot enter it, it may not be at all.

Restore account on Mac

If you have successfully logged in to iTunes and the Mac App Store, you can resort to the following verification steps:

If you are not signed in to iTunes:

Recently, customers have often started contacting us with the problem of Apple ID theft.

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Attackers crack and change the password of the mailbox from which the Apple ID was registered. And then they change the password of the Apple ID itself using the "reset password via mail" function.

And as soon as you lose access to your Apple ID, you automatically lose all the data stored in iCloud: your purchased applications, contacts, notes, Safari bookmarks, photos in a photo stream, and more.

But this is not the worst! Cases of theft of Apple ID passwords with the purpose of self-inflicting harm or just as dirty tricks have become more frequent.

The fact is that almost every iPhone user includes the “Find iPhone” feature. Designed by Apple for security reasons, this feature protects your iPhone in case of theft. But when the Apple ID password falls into the wrong hands, it can turn your iPhone into a 100% inoperative device.

“Find iPhone” provides the ability to lock your iPhone. This is what an attacker takes advantage of. It locks your iPhone. You get a message on the screen that your device is in theft mode and to cancel this mode you must enter the password from Apple ID. And the password has already been changed. You cannot reset it through the mailbox, because the password for the mailbox has also been changed.

An iPhone locked this way cannot be unlocked.

In this situation, we can only rely on those. Apple support. In lengthy correspondence, you have a chance to prove that this device is yours and ask to reset the password. But all your data can be considered lost.

There is a solution. Two-step verification of Apple ID.

To protect your password, Apple suggests using Apple ID two-step verification. It will provide maximum security for your account and personal information.


How does this feature work?

When setting up two-step verification, you must register one or more trusted devices.

Trusted device. This is a device to which you have constant access and to which 4-digit verification codes will come in SMS messages or in the Find iPhone service. You must provide at least one phone number that supports receiving SMS messages.

After that, whenever you:

You will need to verify your identity by entering a password and a 4-digit verification code, as shown below.

After logging in, you can safely use your account and make purchases as usual. If you do not enter a password and verification code, access to your account will be denied.

In addition, you will receive a 14-character recovery key. Print it and keep it in a safe place. The recovery key is used to restore access to the account if you can no longer use your trusted devices or have forgotten the password.

Where To Enter The Six-Digit Code On Apple Tv

You should not store the recovery key on the device or computer itself, as strangers can easily find it.

How to enable 2-step verification of Apple ID?

  1. Go to My Apple ID website

2. Click the "Manage Apple ID" button and log in.

3. Select "Password and Security."

What SMS numbers do I need to enter for my account?

At least one phone number that supports receiving SMS messages must be specified for the account. It is recommended that you provide all SMS-enabled phone numbers that are commonly used with your iPhone or other mobile phone. You can also specify a phone number with SMS support that belongs to a person close to you, such as your spouse (or spouse) or another family member. This number can be used if you are temporarily denied access to your own devices.

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Note. For two-step verification, you can not use landline telephones and Internet telephony services (VOIP).

What information should be remembered when using two-step verification?

Two-step verification simplifies security settings and improves Apple ID security. After turning it on, no one will be able to access your account without knowing the password, verification codes sent to trusted devices, or the recovery key. Only you can change the password, manage trusted devices, and create a new recovery key. Although Apple Support can help you with other aspects of the service, its employees will not be able to update or restore this information on your behalf.

Therefore, when using two-step verification, you must:

  • remember password;
  • keep trusted devices out of the reach of unauthorized persons;
  • Keep the recovery key in a safe place.

If you fail to fulfill at least two of the above requirements, you may permanently lose access to your Apple ID.

What to do in case of loss of a recovery key?

If you have lost your recovery key, you can replace it at any time. To do this, follow these steps.

  1. Go to My Apple ID website
  2. Click the "Manage Apple ID" button and log in to your account with a password and a trusted device.
  3. Select Password and Security.
  4. Follow the link “Replace a lost key” in the “Recovery key” section.

After creating a new recovery key, the old key becomes invalid.

What should I do if I do not remember the password for my Apple ID account?

The password can be reset on the My Apple ID website using a recovery key and one of the trusted devices.

Apple Support cannot reset the password on your behalf. To reset your password, you must have a recovery key and access to at least one of the trusted devices.

What to do if one of the trusted devices is lost or transferred to another person?

If you no longer have access to one of your devices, remove it from the list of trusted devices on the My Apple ID website as soon as possible. After that, it will no longer be used to confirm your identity.

What if I no longer have access to all trusted devices?

If you do not have access to any of the trusted devices, you can still log in to your account with a password and recovery key. In this case, at the first opportunity, you should confirm the new trusted device.

Why did you have to wait before setting up a two-step verification?

An email from Apple will be sent to all your email addresses with a notification of the waiting period and a request to contact Apple support if you think someone has gained unauthorized access to your account. You will be able to set up two-step verification after the date indicated on the Apple ID account page and in the sent email. New Zealand
Puerto rico

Republic of South Africa
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom


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