What To Do When When You Turn On The White Screen And Stripes On The Nokia Display

What To Do When When You Turn On The White Screen And Stripes On The Nokia Display

Users Nokia quite often meet with different problems in the display. Most of all he suffers from mechanical damage and careless use. As a result, the phone crashes. If you encounter any problems, they will be solved in our service center, where first of all they will conduct free diagnostics. And you need to seek help immediately after the breakdown, because the sooner you begin to fix it, the cheaper it will turn out.

Why when I turn on the white screen on Nokia?

It often happens that when you turn on the white screen of Nokia appears, you are unlikely to be able to determine the cause yourself.

If instead of the usual picture appears when you turn on the black screen on your Nokia phone, there may be the following reasons:

– in 40% of cases the display controller is faulty. It crashes, most often, through the fault of the user. The phone is always next to its owner, which is why it gets into various troubles with it and often suffers. Any mechanical effects and moisture adversely affect the performance of the part, appear strips on the screen of Nokia;

– 40% defective screen. In this case, you will need to contact our service center, since there is only one solution – replace it. We always have in stock all the necessary details, so this process does not take much time, and you will soon receive a fully functional Nokia;

in 20% if display damaged as a result of moisture entering the connector, then in order to determine which part is out of order, it is necessary to do diagnostics, after which it will be possible to eliminate interference. We have a diagnosis. absolutely free service. Corrosion on the display connector, damage to PCB tracks, microcracks on the PCB, etc. can result in wetting. – These malfunctions will be eliminated in our service.

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Why when I turn on the strip on the Nokia screen

Often owners cannot use the phone because stripes appeared on the Nokia screen. The reasons for this are:

in 50% of cases, the stripes indicate that the screen is damaged as a result of mechanical damage and needs to be replaced. We can do this or sell the necessary spare parts;

– black bar on the Nokia screen may indicate that the display is mechanically damaged. In order to resume work Nokia, it will be necessary to replace it;

– Why do black bars appear on the Nokia screen? The cause of this problem may be the screen controller that has been damaged. As a rule, in this case only full replacement will help;

– white and colored stripes on the Nokia screen may appear if the loop fails. This is a fairly rare case, since the part is reliable enough.

What To Do When When You Turn On The White Screen And Stripes On The Nokia Display

As you can see, there are many reasons why the display fails. Anyway, if it appeared a spot on the screen of Nokia, this indicates that it is faulty. By malfunction is meant any violation of the normal image – it may be either its complete absence or distortion. Defects can be hidden both in the display itself and on the phone board.

What to do? Output:

If the display is faulty, contact our service center. This is a fairly easy repair. We change the screen in the presence of the client. You can also do it yourself by purchasing from us the necessary part and tool. If the reason is not in the display, then the unit cannot be repaired by itself. Use our services, we will quickly eliminate any defect and issue a guarantee for the entire phone.

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Quickly determine where the problem lies, it is possible only after a complete diagnosis, which, believe me, does not take much time.

Life example:

The girl dropped her phone into the water, after which she decided to turn it on. The device turned on white and refused to work. The girl immediately turned to us. In our service center, we made a diagnosis and found that corrosion appeared on the printed circuit board and the display controller failed. As a result, spots appeared on the display. We replaced the display, the display control controller and restored the device after corrosion. Post-repair quality control has shown that the mobile is fully operational. The girl received a guarantee on the whole phone.


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