What To Do, Iphone Does Not Turn On After Replacing The Display Module

What To Do, Iphone Does Not Turn On After Replacing The Display Module

Such stories will be typed quite a lot, the low qualification of workers studying on YouTube videos has made a lot of devices unusable. Today, in this article, we will give a clear answer, what to do if 8, 7, 6 or iphone 5 after replacing the display module does not show signs of life.


Symptoms of the problem can be found in the entire line of Apple smartphones, the list will be relevant for many users.

  • iphone 5s does not turn on after contacting a master who replaced a smashed screen
  • The device refuses to start after replacing the case (applicable for the entire line, from iphone 4 to iphone 8)
  • The device starts up, but the screen does not turn on, sometimes the backlight may light up
  • iTunes recognizes the iPhone 7, but the display on the iphone does not light.
  • In some cases, after using Chinese charging, there are problems with the power controller, even after replacing the u2 chip.


The reasons when the iPhone does not turn on can be many. If you recently took the phone from the service after replacing the display and your 5 does not turn on, then you are taken to the correct page. Usually, if the iphone 5s, 6, 6, plus, 7, 7 plus, 8 does not turn on after the screen is repaired, the problem is in the wizard who worked on your device or in your wrong actions when he changed the display. A person made a mistake at some stage of the assembly or disassembly of the iPhone.

  • The screen module is not working (defective or not the original).
  • The loop from the monitor module is broken.
  • The u2 power controller burned out.
  • During assembly, the screws were mixed up and screwed into the wrong sockets, as a result, a short circuit.
  • Layering of the printed circuit board with incorrect assembly.
  • Breakage of conductive paths.
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Everything can be repaired, another question is whether it will be profitable for the outcome. Sometimes it’s easier to throw away part of the microcircuits and replace them with new ones than to try to repair a dead patient. In this section, we will try to repair the iphone 5, which does not show signs of life, with our own hands, after replacing the screen.

DIY repair

What To Do, Iphone Does Not Turn On After Replacing The Display Module

It seems that this is the cheapest and most reliable way, but not always. It happens that after an independent replacement of the screen module with iPhone 5, it no longer turns on, the causes and symptoms are discussed above, now we will find out how to fix it all. According to tradition, there will be a video instruction at the bottom of the article.

  1. We check the module on another iphone 7 or another suitable model if it refuses to work on the patient.
  2. A hard cable, from a non-original Chinese spare part, becomes a headache, in order to eliminate this, it is enough to glue a piece of soft material, for example, a sponge for washing dishes.
  3. We check the correct location of the screws, long screws interrupt the conductive paths on the lower boards and lead to delamination.
  4. Conductive paths can also be repaired with your own hands, how to do it correctly, look at the video.

Repair service

It’s an expensive pleasure, but it’s worth it, especially if the iphone 5 does not show signs of life after a repair made by you personally. Remodeling the wizard after replacing the display or after replacing the case on the iphone 6 can be very expensive, as an unskilled person can make fatal mistakes for the equipment.


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