What To Do If The Iphone Does Not Update Applications

What To Do If The Iphone Does Not Update Applications

“Under Steve Jobs, this could not happen,” the thought that comes to mind first when you try to reanimate the dead gray utility icon loading from the app for the second hour in a row.

Regarding the difficulties with updating the software for the iOs system and glitches when downloading from the official server. Apple does not comment on why applications are sometimes not downloaded. Users themselves have to look for answers to questions, try the steps one after another: from the simplest to the most complex.

Note: If there is a problem of the “gray standby icon” and errors are observed when loading the application from the app store, we recommend that you follow the instructions.

Ten options to fix the problem

Step 0. Browse the news

1. Check your internet connection

It may be that the iPhone does not update the widget due to the lack of remaining traffic in the tariff plan or problems in the operation of the Wi-Fi router. The LTE, 3G, or Wi-Fi connection icon is not an indicator.

How to fix: Open Safari and go to the first page that appears. If the connections are in perfect order, go to the next step.

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2. Restart the download

The frozen gray icon, which has been in the “Waiting” status for a long time, is an excellent occasion to stop downloading from the app.

How to solve: Click on the icon, stopping the download of a program that stubbornly shows no signs of life. Pressing it again will resume communication with the appstore server.

3. On-off flight mode

There is a likelihood of resuming downloads with a short transition to regular air mode.

How to fix: On the unlocked screen, perform a finger movement up and down and tap on the airplane icon. Wait a couple of moments and turn off the mode with a single click on the image of the liner.

4. Remove the widget and reinstall

If widgets do not load, uninstalling the program (if possible) can help with the problem with reinstalling it later.

How to solve: hold your finger over the hung icon and wait for the transition to edit or delete mode (shaking icons). Tap on the cross that arose at the icon and delete the program. Open the appstore and reinstall what you need.

5. Install the second program in parallel

How to fix: Go to appstore and download any program. With the start of the download, the hung program can automatically continue to download.

6. Log in to your account again.

To bring to life a frozen download of the program is able to exit the account with the subsequent input of the username and password.

How to solve: open the AppStore and go to the Collection tab. Click on the account name and select Exit. On the same page again log in to your account and repeat the software installation.

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7. Reboot

If the applications in the app store are not updated, you can use the device reboot as the next treatment method that has hung and stalled on downloading a “gray” widget.

How to fix it: hold down the Power button and turn off the device. After turning on, the utility will automatically start downloading. You can also use a hard reset: hold down the Home and Power buttons for a few seconds.

8. Sync purchases with Mac / PC

When none of the above methods had an effect and applications with appstore are not downloaded (at the same time, it is impossible to either suspend the download or delete), you need to synchronize with the desktop version of Aityuns.

  • Connect your iOS device to a laptop or PC running iTunes.
  • Make sure that you are logged into a valid account (the account from which you are downloading from the app should be the same in iTunes).
  • Next you need to select "Synchronization".

9. Full reset

If the applications in the app store are not updated, you can restore the download of the program by the radical method – a complete reset of the settings.

How to solve: start small and reset Internet settings: open Settings, then expand the Reset menu, select the Reset network settings item. If this did not have an effect, you need to prepare to return the settings to the factory settings. Before doing this, back up your iOS device. Open Settings, select General, then Reset, and last – Reset All.

10. Switch to DFU mode

When the app store does not work or applications do not load, the last resort for purchasing a widget or updating it may be transferring the iPhone to the DFU service mode.

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How to enter DFU correctly:

  • Connect the long-suffering smart device to a laptop or PC.
  • Launch the official iTunes utility.
  • Press the Power button and then Home.
  • Hold for about 10 seconds.
  • After this time, the iPhone or iPad will restart.
  • Continue to press buttons until a bitten apple appears.
  • When Apple logs in, release the ON button, and hold Home until the iTunes picture appears with the cable connected.
  • We wait until ITUs writes that the iOS device is in recovery mode and DFU is no longer required. To do this, simultaneously hold Home and Power, and wait for a reboot.



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