What To Do If The Icon On The Iphone Disappeared And How To Return It

What To Do If The Icon On The Iphone Disappeared And How To Return It

Many users of Apple products periodically encounter a problem when the icon suddenly disappears when sorting the icons on the iPhone’s main screen. This is a fairly common problem and is very easy to solve.

If you want to return the missing icons to your iPhone, but don’t know how to do it, this article will help you!

Why do the icons disappear on the iPhone?

Often, the reason for the loss of icons on the iPhone is not a technical error, but a human factor. However, before proceeding with the search for the loss, make sure that only the icon is missing, and not the application itself.

To do this, use the search:

1. To activate Spotlight (or search, if you like), swipe down from the center of the main screen.

2. Enter the name of the missing application in the search field. After that, Spotlight will present you with a list of search results. The application should be at the top of the list, click on it to open it.

3. If the application appears under the heading “App Store”, this means that the application is not installed on your device. You can click on it, after which you will be thrown into the App Store to install the remote application.

By the way, you can also use the voice assistant – Siri, in order to open the application with the missing icon on the iPhone. This is not very convenient, but you never know …

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Is the icon on the iPhone gone? Reboot the device!

A universal solution for absolutely any iOS-related problem. If the icons are missing on the iPhone, rebooting will not always help (unfortunately), but it is very simple and does not take much time.

We will not talk about how to restart the iPhone, since in fact everyone knows how to do it. For those who have started using Apple products relatively recently, we will leave a screenshot below with a brief instruction and also offer to read the article: How to restart iPhone.

Check if access to certain applications is restricted

Another reason why the icon on the iPhone may disappear is the application limitation. I’ll immediately note that if the application is really limited, you can’t find it using the search, just like using it. To check for device restrictions:

1. Go to the "Settings" section.

2. Select the General tab

3. Tap on the "Constraints" function.

If restrictions are enabled, you will be prompted for a password. Hope you were the one to set this password to start. Enter your password and see which applications or features have been restricted.

Click on the switch next to each item to disable the restriction, and the application should appear again on the main screen.

Please note that only the following applications may be limited: Safari, Camera, FaceTime, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, podcasts and news.

Reset Desktop

Another way to return the icons on the iPhone is to reset the desktop settings. It has one significant minus – all the icons that were previously sorted into folders (and not only) will be scattered in a chaotic manner. If you are ready for this step, spending your time for future clustering of all returned icons, this method is for you:

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1. Go to "Settings" → "General".

2. Select the "Reset" section.

3. After that, select the “Reset Home” function.

Reinstalling an application with a missing icon

Another way to return the missing icon on the iPhone is to reinstall the application. Like the previous method, this method has a minus – you can lose all the progress in the application if it does not support synchronization with the cloud server.


If you are not satisfied with more than one of the proposed options, you can still use the application, opening it using Siri or search. Yes, it’s not very, but better than nothing.


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