What To Do If Pages Load For A Long Time

What To Do If Pages Load For A Long Time

what to do if pages load for a long time from the Internet

what to do if pages load for a long time

If you open a browser and after typing the address you wait a few minutes until the page loads, then how hard it is to wait and think, and why the pages of the sites take a long time to load.
There may be several reasons, dear computer users, and we will analyze each one individually.

Reasons for Slow Page Loading

1. Slow loading due to low speed.
The cheapest provider tariff is usually the slowest in page loading speed, although memorable to some Diul-up Internet, it allowed to increase the download speed by disabling images in the Opera browser.
2. Slow Internet Explorer browser – there is nothing wrong with using the browser that is most convenient in your opinion, but I would advise testing other browsers and maybe you will like them less, but they work much faster, this is Firefox, Opera.
3. Communication problems – arise when you use mobile modems in places where the signal is weak.
4. Short-term problems with speed – pay attention to what your computer is doing at that moment, perhaps it is updating the antivirus or the operating system.
5. Previously, the speed was good, but from yesterday the problems were most likely the result of the work of your provider, and you need to contact support, check the speed through the speedtest.net website by clicking on the begin test button there.

How to make pages load faster

Having decided on the reason why your computer can slowly load pages, you can take a number of steps that will lead to faster page loading.
1. First, be sure to install the Firefox browser, – pay attention to the speed with which the pages load, if this speed does not suit you, go to step 2.
2. Install the Opera browser, in this browser, in addition to the turbo button, you can disable graphics.
3. If the speed does not suit you and it is possible to choose a different tariff, then perhaps you can do it yourself in your personal account on the provider’s website.
In this article, I did not consider connecting via a satellite dish, since there are also programs for compressing traffic there – Globax, slonax, telnet.

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What not to do

I would not advise you to use various accelerator programs, since many of them can configure your computer so that you will be left without the Internet at all, because you cannot return the changed settings to their previous state without reinstalling the operating system.
I myself tried to increase the page loading speed with the help of programs and I can say that the only real way to increase the speed is to change the tariff.
In other words, if you have a bad line, then the programs will not help, if you have a cheap tariff, then you will not increase the speed above the bar set by the provider.


So, dear users, if you did everything, but nothing helped, it remains to change the provider or wait until your provider finally turns to face you, reduce tariffs, increase speed and work without failures, but for now you have to work at your own speed, but already without additional brakes in the form of IE browser.

On this article about what to do if the pages have been downloaded from the Internet for a long time, I consider it to be completed by me, but you can ask questions and write your tested tips.
See you in the next lesson.
Author: Titov Sergey


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