What To Do If Iphone Or Ipad With Ios 9 Slows Down

What To Do If Iphone Or Ipad With Ios 9 Slows Down

As we all remember, the release of iOS 8 left bewildered by more than one hundred users: so many bugs in the system were not observed, perhaps, in the entire history of the existence of the Apple mobile platform.

The developers, of course, rushed to patch up the holes and all the next ten updates did just that and “fixed the bugs”. And now, with the approaching date of September 16 of this year, it would seem that all the torment of users will end, but it turned out that not everything is as simple as previously thought.

On forums, in thematic communities, in comments under articles, all the same dissatisfied feedback from users who have everything with the new firmware “slows down”, “buggy” and works slower than usual. And okay, it’s still a matter of obsolete models, so no, iPhone 6 governed by iOS 9, in terms of quality of work, it also falls short of the bar previously set by the Kurtinovites themselves, as iPhone 4s. There is nothing more to talk about – you will have to wait for updates.

However, as with iOS 8, there are a few tricks that will improve the performance of your iPhone or iPad. For example, disable some optional features.

Lower transparency

Yes, the same effect that gives a special gloss to the "apple" program shell. Elements of the new iOS system stand out in volume from the “retouched” background, which looks really nice and in some sense “refreshes” the interface design. Moreover, in the activated form, this effect is present everywhere from the Control Center to the status bar with the clock.

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What happens if you turn off this charm? Incredibly, but after decontamination, as if by wand, iPhone 6 starts to work faster. And not only the latest model of the Apple smartphone, but also earlier ones, including the iPhone 4s, cope with tasks much faster if we abandon the translucency effect.

You can disable it in Settings. Going to point The main and going to Universal access, the user will be in front of the window Contrast increase, which contains the desired switch "Lower transparency".

Reduce movement (disable parallax effect)

Again, the efforts of the developers, directed to the external effect, have led only to the fact that for normal operation of the device it will be necessary to disconnect all new-fashioned features. This also applies to the parallax effect for wallpaper. Really wonderful three-dimensional effect, but mercilessly loads the processor. Since the option is not in the category of vital, turn it off and again see for ourselves that our iPhone or iPad is slowly recovering from the transition to iOS 9.

To disable, go to Settings.> The main, select item Universal access and go to the "Reduce movement“, Where we enable this option.

Deactivate background application update

iOS 9 equipped with a useful but energy-consuming feature – background application updates.

What To Do If Iphone Or Ipad With Ios 9 Slows Down

To turn it off, again follow Settings, go to The main and there in the section "Content Update»Disable the corresponding function.

In the settings there is also the possibility of adding exclusion programs, which will still be updated automatically in the background, if it is absolutely necessary.

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Turning Off Siri Offers

Users do not use the virtual assistant everywhere, and the system in the new iOS monitors all manipulations of the device’s owner with the gadget in order to give a hint at a convenient time.

It is this “surveillance” that has a detrimental effect on performance, so we can safely turn it off. Once again we look in Settings and The main, where we find the menu "Spotlight Search". It has a switch "Siri Offers"- and turn it off.

If you followed all our tips, and the gadgets do not stop "slowing down, then it makes sense to roll back the system to iOS 8.4.1 and wait for the update with" improved performance ".


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