What Kills The Battery In Your Iphone

What Kills The Battery In Your Iphone

And how to avoid it.


  • Turns off in the cold?
  • Does it work less than usual?
  • Is chopped off by 20%?
  • Not fully charged?

No one is safe from this. Battery in iPhone – a direct reflection of your habits. As one’s own health, it’s impossible to follow him perfectly, from time to time you have to poke him at any trash and fast food from the world of gadgets.

But preventing iPhone battery problems is easy. We talked with experts who solve battery problems daily, and found out what hurts the most.

What affects the working time of an iPhone

1. Bad charging

What and where from: charging from the "transition", clones of the originals
A chance to ruin everything: 70%

The most obvious and most common source of problems with an iPhone battery. Bad, Chinese, cheap “charging” at home is a guarantee that your iPhone will be tormented every day, wasting a resource many times faster than usual.

Why is that? Cheap charges (and some expensive ones) are made roughly, from the simplest components with low quality control of production. Such blocks very often are unable to adequately regulate the voltage – and a large load during a power surge or any problem with the network, fall on the primary power circuit in the device. Minimum – Tristar or a charging key, the maximum is the processor.

And, of course, the battery life is reduced due to damage to the microcircuits – they overestimate the consumption and can significantly drain the battery before correction.

How to determine that you have Chinese exercises? If you bought the “original” for 400 rubles or some Interstep in Euroset, you can already start to pray (or throw it in the trash). Remember rule number one: always try to use the original unit. There is no such thing – then do not save. Then you yourself will pay for it.

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2. Car Chargers

What and where from: wherever you want, almost everywhere everything is terrible
A chance to ruin everything: approximately 99% if you have a car

Among repair technicians, car charging is akin to swearing and insulting. The guys know that this is harmful, but the Ministry of Health is in no hurry to warn.

Apple does not put auto-charging in the iPhone kit, so you have to buy it. And what do car owners usually get? That’s right – black crap with an LED and a roughly cut USB port. Universally, cheaply, it works fine, “Am I going to charge for a thousand cars, sucker, or what?”

It turns out that yes, "Sucker".

Why? Because a cigarette lighter in a car is not a power outlet with a stable voltage. Each charger for a car should be of high quality twice: not only correctly convert and hold the same voltage, but also meet the specifications of a particular smart. Universal charges almost never know how.

What is especially bad, car owners use such exercises daily – iPhone works too little to neglect such an opportunity. So, the smartphone is almost always subject to power surges.

3. Portable noname batteries

What and where from: you never know – the cat in the bag
A chance to ruin everything: 60% if not lucky

It’s a shame to admit, but it’s a fact. The portable battery market is a dark forest in which everyone does what he wants.

There are three types of batteries on the market:

What Kills The Battery In Your Iphone

They can also swell or burn due to poor assembly. But this is so, the tip of the iceberg, because then it’s worse.

Why? Few people wonder how high-quality electronics cost in portable batteries. According to the experience of the masters who disassembled more than one such device – the electronics there are disgusting, not much better than in the same Chinese chargers. As a result, we face the same problem: sooner or later the power circuit will be damaged, and then anything can be.

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How to determine that you have a bad portable battery? If your phone is very hot from it, but not from the original charge; if the battery cannot charge the phone up to 100%; if it charges for 5-6 hours, and it lasts literally for one full charge – buy, finally, normal, and give yours to the enemy.

By the way, from some models of Xiaomi Powerbank, iPhones are also heated quite well. How, why, what to do – no one knows. Apple release already normal external battery!

4. Use in cold and heat

What and where from: when it’s too cold or hot
A chance to ruin everything: 99%

Tough guys work at Apple, but nobody canceled the simplest physics and chemistry. Every smartphone owner should know: the capacity of any battery decreases in the cold or in extreme heat. Moreover, the longer you use the battery, the more it weakens in such conditions.

That is why complaints about problems with batteries in iPhones grow exponentially with the onset of winter or summer. And most often they carry in repair devices purchased a year ago or even earlier. Symptoms are simple: someone disconnects by 20%, for many, the charge melts before our eyes.

Using an iPhone in the open cold at a temperature of minus 20 is a rare situation, after all, we carry devices in our pocket or bag, and there it is warmer. But it’s much easier to do serious harm in the summer, under direct sunlight on a holder in the car. Or on the beach.

What to do? Try not to pull the iPhone under the sun for a long time, do not leave the device near the window in the summer, do not get carried away using it in the cold. In general, avoid severe cold and heat. Just a little bit, without extreme sports – and the battery will not disappoint even a year after buying an iPhone.

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5. Drops and damage to the phone

What and how: it’s hard but real
A chance to ruin everything: 10%, but for sure

All of us have ever dropped iPhones. Often we get off with a small scratch or a dent, which, it seems, does not change anything.

But a strong blow to the battery usually does not pass without a trace. Not only does any strong physical impact reduce the life of the device (albeit slightly), it can damage the electronics.

Full of chips that could be affected. There are also bindings and layers. textolite, which, when damaged, get cracks and thereby break the contact joints. The harness (transistor, varistor, capacitor, key) just flies off with strong shocks. On some iPhone models, the battery cable is less secure, and sometimes after a fall, the device may refuse to turn on.

Masters are aware of cases when, after severe falls, the battery in the iPhone began to inflate, pressing on the screen from the inside. Gradually, this leads to damage to the matrix, after which you have to replace the entire display module. Not only that, all this time you wear the real incendiary bomb in the pocket. But this still rarely happens, we must try.

One way or another, everything is simple. Wear a protective case, and not plastic, but silicone (for example, the original). And if covers are not your topic, just try not to drop them.

How to solve battery problems?

Suppose you are concerned about disconnecting your iPhone too early. Or it is unrealistically quickly discharged. Or just your smartphone for two or three years, and the battery life expectedly began to fall.


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