What Factory Defect Does Iphone 5s Have?

What Factory Defect Does Iphone 5s Have?

Hello! I decided to write a few short notes on the marriage of various iPhone models. What for? Just so that when buying a smartphone from Apple there is always the opportunity to look and quickly refresh in memory those shortcomings that are most common with this particular model. Let’s start, though with an old enough, but still not losing relevance at the moment – iPhone 5S.

The model is already produced and sold a huge amount of time – and all thanks to its popularity. At first it was “regular” 5S, then it was replaced “like new”, and it would seem that with such a huge production cycle, everything should be perfected to the smallest detail and there can be no factory marriage. Can. And how. Moreover, what it was from the moment of the appearance of the first 5S, this remains to this day.

Attention! If you already use the device, and as you think everything is OK, don’t read further, you will find yourself problems and you will worry about it. On the other hand, you can find a reason to contact the service center and get a new smartphone under warranty (if the model is suitable and 2 years have not passed since activation).

Here is the main marriage in the iPhone 5S, which goes straight from the factory and which you just need to pay attention to when buying:

  1. The display goes off. It seems to me that this is generally the most common drawback of all iPhones at the moment, and not just the iPhone 5S. Most often, the screen does not fit snugly in the upper right part of the device, but of course you need to check the entire area. It is very simple to find this marriage – we strongly press the display in different places. If a “squelching” sound is forced through and heard somewhere, then this is exactly what you need (or rather not at all).
  2. Screen backlight. Again, most often from above. It is calculated once or twice on a dark screen, in a dark room. If such a marriage is present, then the backlight will be uneven (somewhere stronger, somewhere darker).
  3. The yellowness of the display. Of course, owners of the iPhone SE are now most often faced with it (for objective reasons), but this can also be the case with the iPhone 5S. Apple itself recommends in this case to wait a week, and if yellowness does not go away – bring it to a service center. This is a marriage.
  4. Crunch, button gaps, and rattling inside the case. As a rule (though not always!), It is not a guarantee case, but it is also advisable to pay attention to this when buying. My personal experience is that the buttons rattle and crunch on absolutely all iPhone 5S. Yes, somewhere more, somewhere less. But at all. But about what is booming inside the case, I already wrote here.
What Factory Defect Does Iphone 5s Have?

As you can see, most of the problems are somehow related to the screen. And this has its advantages, most of the marriage can be considered already at the purchase stage and draw the appropriate conclusions.

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By the way, what else I would like to note about the iPhone 5S. In connection with its wild popularity, now there are just a huge number of such gadgets – these are designers assembled on the knee from various spare parts, which unscrupulous sellers give out as new devices. When buying, be as careful as possible, choose carefully – do not let yourself be fooled.

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