Typic Or How To Overlay Text On Photos In Iphone Or Ipad

Typic Or How To Overlay Text On Photos In Iphone Or Ipad

Today, there is a predicted increase in the popularity of graphic content in the mobile segment of the Internet, which encourages developers to create various applications that work with images. One such application for iOS devices is Typic. This application allows you to overlay text on a photo.

One of the most compelling arguments for using this application is its price – it is not available in the AppStore for the basic version of TyPic, which includes 7 font headsets, the remaining 7 will cost the user 33 rubles.

Working with the application is quite comfortable, it will be especially easy for Instagram users to understand it (you may already have noticed the presence of the logo of this service on the application icon). To begin with, the user is invited to take a picture or select an existing photo for work, after which it is worth choosing a filter that is superimposed on the image, it can be:

one. Sepia (JMS)
2. Black and white image (BW)
3. Warm Colors (Children)
four. Using Cold Tones (Tune)
5. Saturn is a cross between Tune and Children

The next step involves adding text directly. You need to choose one of 14 fonts (as you remember, 7 of them are paid), the size of the text, as well as its alignment (center, edge, etc.)

At the last stage, the user has the opportunity to choose the color of the text, apply the blur effect and set the transparency of the inscription. Then the received image can be saved.

Conclusion: the application cannot be called an exhaustive solution even for such a narrow task, due to several nuances.

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The main disadvantage for domestic users, of course, is the lack of Cyrillic support – if the user enters the text in Russian, then the output will receive an inscription in the system font Helvetica. Another tangible minus of TyPic is the inability to add several labels on one image at once – the user is forced to save a photo with one text and upload it again to add the next, which is not very convenient.

The advantages of TyPic include, first of all, simplicity and convenience – not the most functional application that has a very specific task, it copes with it quite easily. Also pleased with the opportunity to integrate into social networks – Typic works with Instagram, FaceBook and Twitter.


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