Turn On Bluetooth On The Laptop

Turn On Bluetooth On The Laptop

Sometimes situations may arise when you need to use Bluetooth on your laptop, but not every user knows how to turn it on. Moreover, the methods may differ not only depending on the computer model, but also about the operating system.

Often, laptop manufacturers produce special applications to enable Bluetooth, however, this process can be performed using standard Windows tools, and the device model will not affect it in any way.

The most important thing that a user should remember is that to ensure high-quality and trouble-free operation of the adapter, it must be provided with licensed laptop manufacturer drivers. It is worth noting that many users after reinstalling Windows, place on those drivers that the system downloaded automatically. But you should not trust this, as this can cause Bluetooth to fail.

If the laptop has an OS that came by default from the factory, then you should look at the list of installed utilities. Surely there is a program that is designed to manage wireless networks, where Bluetooth should be.

Bluetooth Activation in Windows 8

Some laptop models require that to activate Bluetooth in the Wireless item, set the switch to ON mode. If you do not follow this rule, then the Bluetooth settings will now be displayed, despite the installed drivers. In addition, on modern computers, the need to press the FnBluetooth combination has disappeared, but it’s still worth checking.

Windows 8.1

This method of activating Bluetooth is suitable for use only on this version of the operating system. Even if you are using just the eighth version of the OS, it still will not work. This method is quite simple, besides it, there is nothing.
You must open the Charms panel and select "Options." Then you need to click "Change PC settings." In this section, you need to find the item "Computer and devices", where you need to select Bluetooth. If this does not happen, then you need to resort to additional methods.

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If this item is available, then you must select it, which will start the automatic search for devices via Bluetooth. In this case, the PC will also become visible to other gadgets that perform the search.

Windows 8

If the computer is just a figure eight, then the activation order of Bluetooth will be slightly different. You need to move the mouse cursor in one of the corners on the right, which will open the side panel, in which there is an item "Options", which should be selected.

In the new window, click “Change PC Settings”, and then select “Wireless Network”. After that, the screen for managing wireless adapters appears, on which you can control Bluetooth. To connect any gadgets via Bluetooth, you need to go to "Devices" in the "Change PC Settings" section and click "Add Device".

If none of this helps, then you should visit the device manager and check if bluetooth is activated. You also need to check which drivers are installed on it. To get to the device manager, you need to click on the WinR buttons and register devmgmt.msc.

In addition, you need to go to the module properties and check for errors in it. In addition, it is worth checking the driver provider. If Microsoft is specified in this section, it is worth looking for the original drivers.

Turn On Bluetooth On The Laptop

It may happen that by installing the eighth version on the PC, and the site has drivers only for the "seven", then it is recommended to try installing them in compatibility mode, sometimes it works.

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How to activate Bluetooth in Windows 7

The easiest way to activate Bluetooth on Windows 7 is to use licensed programs from the developer. You can also use the icon in the system tray, clicking on which RMB opens the module control menu. Do not forget that Wireless should be in ON mode, if this is present on the computer.

If there is no such icon in the system tray, but the drivers are installed correctly, then you can do one more thing. You must run "Devices and Printers" in the control panel. Here, click RMB on the Bluetooth Adapter. In the pop-up menu, you must specify "Bluetooth Settings". In them, you can set the display of the icon of the module in the system tray and set the display for other gadgets, as well as make other settings.

If there is no Bluetooth Adapter in “Devices and Printers”, you can still connect a third-party gadget. To do this, click on "Add device." If the drivers are OK and the display is activated, all devices must be found.

These are all ways to activate Bluetooth on Windows 7 and 8. They are quite simple, the main thing is to follow all the recommendations and update the driver, then there should not be any problems with this.


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