Turn On And Adjust The Equalizer On Iphone

Turn On And Adjust The Equalizer On Iphone

Playing music is not the main function of the iPhone, however, the smartphone copes with this task well. To make the sound a little better without resorting to buying expensive headphones, you can try to adjust the equalizer in the iPhone. It will not raise the sound to a qualitatively new level, but will help to focus on individual characteristics of sound, depending on the musical genre.

Equalizer setup on iPhone

You can enable the equalizer and select sound settings on any modern model of Apple’s smartphone. To do this:

  1. Go to the standard Settings app.
  2. Open the "Music" section.
  3. In the “Playback” field, click on “Equalizer”.
  4. Select one of the preset presets.

The sound enhancement option is equally configured on the iPhone 5, 6, and 7. When you select a sound, leave the music playing in the background. This will help to understand how the sound changes depending on the selected preset, and dwell on the appropriate set of parameters for a particular genre.

Unfortunately, only predefined settings are available to users. If you want to add more bass, then select the “More Low” preset. However, manual tuning of the sound will not work – the emphasis on bass will be exactly the same as that added to the preset.

To make listening to music more comfortable, use another option called “Sound Check”. You can also find it in the "Music" section. After enabling this function, the system will independently stabilize the volume of the tracks so that the previous and next songs sound the same.

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Sound settings will work only when playing tracks through the standard Music application. If you are using another player, then look for sound parameters in its settings.

Equalizer in iTunes

Equalizer is also in iTunes. To start it, open the "Window" menu and put a checkmark next to the "Equalizer" item. To adjust the sound, check the "On" and select a preset in the drop-down menu.

In iTunes, unlike the equalizer on the iPhone, there is the possibility of manual settings. You can play with different sound parameters by setting the optimal values. To save the preset, select “Create a preset”.

A volume stabilization function is also present in iTunes. To enable it, open the iTunes settings and on the "Playback" tab, check "Sound Correction."

Third-party players for iPhone

If the equalizer used in the iPhone is not impressive, install the player from a third-party developer. Unfortunately, finding a free app with a good equalizer is almost impossible. But if you are willing to pay for quality sound, install jetAudio Music Player. You will have to pay for the ability to manually adjust the equalizer, but as a result of the purchase you will get access to the following functional menu:

The player remembers up to 4 user presets, plus there is a set of predefined sound schemes. There are other paid options:

Turn On And Adjust The Equalizer On Iphone

The settings made in these equalizers work only when playing music in them. If you include the song in another application, there will be no effect. Equalizers themselves are not the most suitable interface for constant listening, so you have to choose between sound quality and usability of the application.

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You can do without third-party players and equalizers. To make the sound cool:

  1. Replace standard iPhone headphones with better ones.
  2. Fill tracks in ALAC format.

In good headphones, music in normal quality will sound great without unnecessary manipulation of settings and presets.

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