Troubleshoot Iphone App Update Issues

Troubleshoot Iphone App Update Issues

Applications are constantly being developed and improved by developers. Therefore, if you do not update any applications on the iPhone, then very soon you risk staying with irrelevant software. This will not cause serious problems, but the frozen update icon near the application is an excellent irritant, so I want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Before you start struggling with the fact that applications on the iPhone are not updated, make sure that the problem is really in the phone. Ask other iPhone owners if the update works for them: there have already been situations when Apple servers stopped responding or the AppStore itself did not work. Apple specialists are trying to quickly troubleshoot, but it is impossible to normalize the work instantly.

Connection check

If other iPhone owners have normal updates and you are having problems, first check your Internet connection. The cause of the problem may be a loss of a mobile network signal or Wi-Fi disconnection. To make sure that the Internet is working, open a browser and go to any page.

If the pages are loaded in the browser, but the applications are not updated in the App Store, turn on / off the “Airplane” mode. When the mode is activated, all communication modules will be disabled, when deactivated, they will be restarted, at the same time eliminating any errors in the operation, if any.

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Work with applications

Reboot Apple ID

Internet on iPhone works, but applications are not updated? Try logging out of the App Store and logging in again.

  1. Open the App Store on the iPhone.
  2. Click on the Selection tab.
  3. Click on the account and select "Logout".
  4. On the same page, log in again using your Apple ID.

The same actions can be performed in the settings of the smartphone.


A short-term download stop can also cope with a frozen application update icon. Tap on the program to stop the update. Then start downloading the updated version again by clicking on the icon again.

Download and update applications – pause

Try to upload something else

Restoring the download helps and parallel launch of the download of other software. Find any free game or program in the App Store and start downloading it to your iPhone. There is a possibility that after the start of the download, the pending application update will continue.

If you can remove the program from the iPhone without serious consequences such as losing important data, then do it.

  1. Pinch your finger on an application that cannot update.
  2. Wait until the icon goes into edit mode, that is, it starts to shake on the screen.
  3. Click on the cross that appears to uninstall the software.

After removing the application from the iPhone, open the App Store and install the program or game back.

Sync with iTunes

If the above methods didn’t help to fix the crash, or if you simply don’t have the option to stop downloading or uninstall the application, sync your purchases with iTunes.

  1. Launch iTunes on your computer, connect your iPhone.
  2. Log in using your Apple ID (the account must match on the iPhone and iTunes).
  3. Click Sync.
Troubleshoot Iphone App Update Issues

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After synchronization, disconnect the smartphone from the computer and check if the software is updated now.

Reboot and reset


A simple restart of the device can also help solve the problem. To execute it, hold down the Power key and turn off the phone. You can also make a Hard Reset – to do this, hold down the Power and Home keys for several seconds. If that doesn’t work, use a factory reset.

  1. Open the settings and go to the "Reset" section.
  2. Select a network reset.

If resetting your network settings did not help, just in case, back up the device and reset all settings.

reset all user settings

DFU Mode

The most cardinal way to start updating applications is to put the iPhone in DFU mode for a while. By the way, in more detail about entering / exiting and using DFU mode, please visit our website here.

  1. Connect the smartphone to the PC. Launch iTunes.
  2. Hold down the Power and Home keys. Keep holding them even after rebooting the device until the Apple logo appears. At this point, you can release Power, but the Home button should be held until the iTunes logo appears.

After iTunes discovers the iPhone in recovery mode, you can exit DFU. To do this, hold down the Power and Home buttons until the device reboots.

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