Touch Id Does Not Work On Iphone

Touch Id Does Not Work On Iphone

Apple developers with the release of iPhone 5s have introduced a new Touch Id feature – a fingerprint reader. With it, users of apple gadgets can easily make purchases in the App Store, unlock their phone, etc. Very often on the forums you can find topics about the broken Touch Id.

In this article we will try to figure out why Touch Idi does not work on the iPhone 5s / 6 / 6s and how to fix it?

To begin with, it should be noted that if the device began to fail after a recent update – most likely, you will have to roll back the system and return to the previous version of iOS.

If this method did not help you, you should resort to the options for repairing Touch Idi described below.

Touch Idy stopped working on iPhone 6 / 6s / 5 / 5s

Mechanical Repair Touch Id – Extreme Measure

What should I do if Touch Id does not respond to any actions? In this case, if Touch Aydi crashed as a result of a software failure, a hard reboot should help. To do this, hold down the Home and Power keys and hold until the device reboots.

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If this problem was programmatic in nature, rebooting will solve the problem. If the phone was physically affected, you will have to contact a service center where a qualified technician will be able to diagnose and, if necessary, fix the problem.

Touch ID does not work on iPhone 6 – do it yourself repair

If periodically there are small malfunctions of the Touch Id device, Apple developers advise you to reconfigure, in other words, make a new fingerprint and get rid of the old fingerprint.

It is advised to do this periodically so that the fingerprint data in the device is fresh, because human skin on the hands is constantly exposed to various factors, and therefore the imprint may slightly change.

In order to make a new fingerprint, you need to go to "Settings", then select "Touch Id and password." Remove old prints. After that, click "Add fingerprint" and perform the necessary actions in accordance with the instructions.

Touch ID stopped working on the iPhone 5s / 6 / 6s / 5 on the App Store

Basically, the cause of this problem is also slightly modified fingerprints, as a result of which the system cannot recognize them, however, sometimes there are cases when the problem is incorrectly installed software.

The forums also complain about the crash when the App Store does not see Touch Id. How to fix this?

  1. Go to the Gadget Settings and look for "Touch Id and Password";
  2. We find the section "Using Touch Id" and turn off the "App Store, iTunes Store";
  3. Reboot the iOS device;
  4. Go back to the Touch Id settings and turn on the "App Store, iTunes Store."
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After these actions, there should not be a problem.

Touch Id Does Not Work On Iphone

IPhone 6 problems. Touch Idi does not work in winter, in the cold

Cold weather may interfere with Touch Id

There are many complaints about the poor performance of Touch Id in the cold season. To explain the cause of this problem is very simple – as a result of the cold, our fingerprint is slightly modified, which is why the system cannot recognize it.

In solving this problem, frequent updating of the fingerprint or creation of a “cold” fingerprint will help you. Scan your fingerprint in the cold. However, it is believed that these methods help only in part, however, if there is an urgent need for this function in the cold – it is worth a try.

Due to exposure to water and dirt, Touch Id does not work on iPhone 6 / 6s / 5s / 5

Contaminating iPhone, you reduce its service life

It’s clear that water and dirt will interfere with the proper functioning of the Touch Id device, therefore we strongly recommend that when working with the phone, first of all, if there is any dirt on it, wipe the gadget with a dry cloth and wash your hands.

According to the manufacturer: the iPhone 6 / 6s have an improved Touch Id mechanism that works even in wet hands, however, using the device with wet hands is not recommended.


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