The “survivability” of Samsung Galaxy Fold was checked using a robot

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold, recently passed the drop test, showed good resistance to shock. A new test for the gadget was a test for the survivability of its display during daily use. The specialists of the service company SquareTrade using the Fold Bot robot estimated the number of bends that the new product can withstand without loss of performance.

In total, during the test, the robot made 120,000 consecutive bends of the smartphone. According to the testers, such a load corresponds to three years of intensive use of the gadget with 100 cycles of opening daily – in fact, a flexible screen is able to work longer for everyday use.

“FoldBot found that the main flaws in the folding design of the original Galaxy Fold were eliminated, although the device experienced little wear during testing,” the company’s experts said.

The “survivability” of Samsung Galaxy Fold was checked using a robot

After 18,500 bends, the specimen being tested had several dead pixels, and not on the bend line – according to the source, Samsung is already checking the cause of the defect. Earlier, the South Korean corporation itself conducted a similar test, bending the device 200,000 times, and the famous tech-blogger Zack Nielson demonstrated the device’s resistance to various external influences.

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