The Sensor Does Not Work On The Iphone

The Sensor Does Not Work On The Iphone

The products of the American company Apple are of high quality. It fully justifies the prices at which the manufacturer offers its devices on the market. However, iPhone owners often encounter problems with a broken screen. Of course, a hail of questions immediately raises about what to do if the sensor does not work on the iPhone, or, as it is called differently, a touchscreen. Initially, we note that the display can either fail completely or partially stop performing its functions.


Most often, the reasons due to which the sensor does not work on the iPhone are mechanical. It is clear that at the same time some object should act on the display. No wonder they say that it is better for your device to purchase a protective glass immediately after purchase and install it. If this is not provided, then be sure to stick a protective film. Without additional protection, when falling from a high altitude, the fifth-generation touchscreen iPhone, for example, stops working in 98 percent of cases. However, it is not excluded if the sensor does not work on the iPhone, a software reason. That is, a failure inside the operating system.


What signs clearly indicate that we have problems with the sensor module of the device? Probably, first of all, this should include the lack of response to touch in a particular area of ​​the screen. For the second time, the touch delay is also included here, although in fact the response is still present.

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A manifestation of the fact that the sensor does not work on the iPhone may be a complete disregard for all touches on the screen. The display simply refuses to process them. By the way, when problems arise with the touchscreen, this becomes a real source of problems for beginners who are only acquainted with the “apple” technique. So they begin to look for how to turn off the iPhone if the sensor does not work. Another sign that clearly indicates the need for sensor repair is the arbitrary life of the device. That is, it can itself type a sequence of characters, applications open and close in the same way, and documents are scrolled by themselves. A little creepy if you think about horror films.

What to do and how to turn off the iPhone if the sensor does not work?

Let’s imagine the following situation. Suppose that the touchscreen of your device still functions, although with a large number of errors and inaccuracies. In this case, we can solve this problem quite simply. To do this, we perform a complete reboot of the smartphone. To do this, follow simple instructions. The first step is to clamp two buttons at once. This is a power button, as well as a key called “Home” or “Home”. In this state, they need to be held for about twenty seconds. After this time, the device should restart. At the end, you will see the corporate logo of the American company, which will notify you that it performed the restart operation correctly. By the way, this instruction is one of the answers to the question of how to restart the iPhone if the sensor does not work.

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Check accessories

There are times when they interfere with the correct operation of the touch screen. For example, if the protective film was not glued correctly, it can contribute to this. In addition, the market now has a huge number of undeniably cool bumpers for smartphones, but not all of them are made soundly. If the bumper partially covers the display, it may interfere with its normal operation. To check if this is the reason, just remove it from the device and again use the touchscreen again. If normal operation is restored, it is really a bumper, and you have to do something about it. If nothing has changed completely, then you need to go further and look for the cause of incorrect functioning.

Didn’t the previous tips help?

The answer to the question of how to restart the iPhone if the sensor does not work is quite simple. To do this, use the appropriate key combination. Well, what to do next if the tips on rebooting the device did not help? What if the sensor continues to work incorrectly, or even does not respond to touch at all? In this case, everything is much more serious, and we are not dealing with a single failure, which, in fact, is just an exception to the rule, namely a technical malfunction.

In this case, you need to plan and carry out the visit to the service center as quickly as possible, where specialists will examine the screen and, if possible, return it to normal life. Let the question “The sensor does not work on the iPhone do not torment you,” when even a full reboot does not help. Here we are talking about the fact that you need to act as quickly as possible so as not to aggravate the situation.

The Sensor Does Not Work On The Iphone

Why a service center?

If the sensor doesn’t work for you on an iPhone 5S or other device of this American company, specialists with relevant work experience will always be able to first recognize and identify the cause of the malfunction, and then localize and eradicate it. In the service center you can find out what condition the phone is in. If necessary, for a fee, specialists will replace the screen on the device.

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How long does it take?

Most often, replacing the display on an iPhone of any generation takes about one hour. There may be slight variations in both directions, but usually within an hour. One should not think that such a short term of work means their low quality.

If severe damage has occurred

Deformation of the screen or even damage to the motherboard due to mechanical stress of high intensity will be the reason why you need to part with your device for a longer period of time than an hour. Serious problems always require a more thorough diagnosis. This is not just a replacement of the sensor, but a whole set of activities that together make up the single complex required for further correct operation.


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