The Screen (Glass) Leaves On Iphone 5, 5s – What To Do

The Screen (Glass) Leaves On Iphone 5, 5s - What To Do

After the fall, it swells, staggers, bulges either glass on iPhone 5, 5s? Do not worry, this problem can be easily solved. To the reasons that peeled off display, in addition to falling, include:

  • Earlier, the phone was disassembled, and dust got in, as a result of which the glue began to hold poorly. Most often, the upper right corner moves away, because due to the design features of the device there is less glue;
  • the body bent. Due to voltage, the glass begins to peel off from the body;
  • swollen battery;
  • manufacturing defects.

It’s important to know! The main thing is that moisture does not get into the formed space between the screen and the case. This can lead to a short circuit and damage to the motherboard. Such repairs cost more than a regular display replacement. Therefore, you can not hesitate.

How to solve the problem yourself

It’s impossible to eliminate the screen backlash without the help of specialists only if you yourself are not a professional in repairing “apple” products.

Many "craftsmen" recommend gently pouring glue into the place where the glass leaves and press firmly. In no case should this be done. Firstly, you need a special professional glue, and secondly, you do not know the exact cause of the problem. For example, if the phone’s battery is swollen, then when you replace it, the screen will fall into place.

It’s important to know! Do not try to disassemble the gadget yourself, in order to clean the place of play from dust. This requires professional tools and accurate instructions. Only a master can cope with such work.

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If the display is cracked, then timely replacement of it will fully restore the working capacity of iPhone. Repair iPhone 5s in St. Petersburg can be cheaply done in the SC.

The Screen (Glass) Leaves On Iphone 5, 5s - What To Do

We turn to professionals for help

Contact the service center (SC) is the only right decision if the screen has moved to the iPhone 5, 5s. The specialists of our SC will consult you by phone for free, tell you the cost and time of work.

The wizard will make a complete diagnosis of the device using professional equipment and tools. Eliminate the cause of the problem or replace the screen module with the glass. To avoid further problems with the screen, a specialist will suggest sticking a protective glass. This will protect the main display from cracking.

Is the screen swollen, peeling off or sticking out? Our masters efficiently and quickly eliminate these problems. A guarantee is provided for all services of the service center. You do not need to think what to do with the display, just bring iPhone to our service. Our experts will repair iPhone 5 in St. Petersburg as soon as possible.


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