The Phone Does Not See The Headphones

The Phone Does Not See The Headphones

Before exploring the question of why the headphones on the phone do not work, you need to know some features of connecting a bluetooth headset. First, you need to carry out the procedure for pairing two devices and add your headphones to the list of trusted bluetooth devices on your smartphone.

The reasons why the phone does not see the headphones

Headphone problems:

  • They may not be trivial included. Perhaps you have not studied the instructions for their use and did something wrong.
  • The synchronization function is not activated.
  • A dead battery. Moreover, even a low charge can affect the correctness of the connection, provided that the headphones work fine.

As you can see, there are not so many jambs on the side of the headset and they are all obvious. Therefore, you should not neglect the study of the instruction. If new headphones show signs of life, then there should be no defects in them.

Problems with the technical condition of the smartphone:

  1. Firmware. The situation with firmware for Android devices is especially relevant. Due to the openness of this OS, some system files could be damaged, which contributed to the incorrect operation of the device.
  2. Incompatible Bluetooth version, old phone. More about this later.

Since there are no Bluetooth settings as such on mobile devices, the problem can only be in their hardware.

Compatibility check

The Phone Does Not See The Headphones

What is the difference between different versions of Bluetooth and how does this affect the quality of the connection?

When different versions of Bluetooth are paired, the smartphone can still detect the device as a wireless headset, but at the same time you may notice that the headphones do not play sound and music does not play. Optionally, before buying, consult with the seller about supported wireless standards and it will help you choose the right model for your phone.

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If to explain in a nutshell the differences between the different versions of the modules: the higher the version of the “blue tooth”, the better the power consumption (both smartphone and headphones) and the higher the data transfer speed. For example, up to version 3.0, the file transfer rate was limited to 2.1 Mbit / s, and with subsequent it was increased to 24 Mbit / s. That is, the current version of bluetooth will be able to broadcast tracks with a high bitrate, without delay, and two paired devices will consume less battery power. Therefore, if your smartphone does not find new headphones, the problem may be precisely in its obsolete technologies and support for earlier versions of wireless communication modules with a very low data transfer rate.

Restore Bluetooth Headset Performance

So what to do if the smartphone still does not accept headphones?

First, we need to synchronize and connect these two devices. Usually, most headset models instantly use the detection function when they are connected for the first time, but if before they were paired with another device, this function is disabled to avoid a connection conflict and your device will not recognize them.

In any case, it will be useful to do the following procedure:

  1. Hold down the power button for about 15 seconds. At this time, the headphones will signal that the detection is on again.
  2. You will see a special indicator on the case that should blink or constantly light depending on the preferences of the manufacturer.
  3. If the connection is successful, the phone will display a pairing request and you may need to enter a password.
  4. The standard passwords that manufacturers can set are 0000 or 1111.
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The above actions will help even if in the new headset the preset settings do not allow you to immediately search for new devices and treat this problem only by restarting it.


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