The patent indicates that the PlayStation 5 will receive support for artificial intelligence

Sony is going to equip the next generation gaming console (we will call it for simplicity PlayStation 5) with an innovative gaming assistant based on artificial intelligence technologies. At least this is indicated by a patent recently discovered on the Web by Daniel Ahmad.

The patent indicates that the PlayStation 5 will receive support for artificial intelligence

Voice assistant PlayStation Assist is designed to assist players during any game. He will dynamically respond to requests depending on the current status and location of the character. For example, in response to a question about the location of the nearest first-aid kit to replenish health, the system will show the object on the map.

It is unlikely that such an innovation will be a valuable acquisition for experienced players who do not need help in single or multiplayer modes. In addition, such hints may well destroy the gameplay. However, PlayStation Assist with decent performance can be a good help for beginners or not particularly advanced owners of consoles, who need some help with the passage.

Sony has filed a new patent for an AI powered voice assistant called PlayStation Assist.

You can input a query and then the game will dynamically respond.

E.g. Ask for the nearest health pack> The game marks it on your map.https: //

It was previously reported that a more powerful PlayStation 5 Pro system can be released simultaneously with the base model. Allegedly, Sony was pleased with the response to the high-end PS4 Pro, and it wants to give players the opportunity to initially acquire a more expensive and advanced new generation console. For the rest, it is known that the PS5 will be equipped with a 7-nm chip CPU cores based on Zen 2 and a special version of the GPU Radeon Navi with support for ray tracing in real time. The system will be launched in about a year – at the end of 2020.

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