The Application Does Not Work With Ios 11 We Are Looking For A Way Out!

The Application Does Not Work With Ios 11 We Are Looking For A Way Out!

It’s possible that while installing iOS 10.3 on your iPhone or iPad, you’ve noticed that when you open certain applications and games, a warning appears that you need to update them to work with future versions of iOS.

Of course, you can continue to use them with iOS 10, but if you plan to upgrade to iOS 11 (if you have not already done so), it’s time to check if you will lose your applications after this transition.

It is not necessary to open each application one by one to find the warning described above, although, in addition to it, iOS 10.3 can display a list of all affected applications that are currently installed.

So, before you follow the instructions below, make sure that your device has enough space to update current applications. Open the App Store and click Updates and Purchased on the iPhone or just Purchased on the iPad.

If you turned off automatic application loading in Settings > iTunes & App Store on any of your devices, you will need to follow the guide below on each device to make sure that you have not updated the application that is on your iPhone 7 but not on the iPad Pro.

Important! The transition to the 64-bit version has been mandatory for developers for several years, so ask yourself if you need an application that has not been updated for many years since Apple started the transition to 64-bit OS.

1. Check the list of applications

In the Settings section > General > About, if the arrow to the right of the Applications line is missing, none of your applications require immediate action (although this does not guarantee that they will not have other problems in iOS 11). If there is an arrow. touch her.

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2. Check for updates

Now you can see the list of applications that you need to pay attention to. There are applications that have available updates, and those who do not have them.

3. Search for new versions

If the application is no longer available, has no updates or patches, check if its update is available as a separate application: find the developer name in the App Store and look at everything that looks like your application.

4. Ask the developer

Otherwise, ask the developer directly through his website if he has plans to update or replace the application.

The Application Does Not Work With Ios 11 We Are Looking For A Way Out!

5. Do not lose hope

If an application has been removed from the list, it has not been updated for years, or if the developer himself said that he does not plan to update it, you may need to find something that can take its place.

The second option. even if the application is currently displayed as a problem for iOS 11, there is every chance that the update may come out even after iOS 11 appears on devices for several months.

If in fact there is no hope of an update for your application, there is a considerable chance that there is an alternative in the App Store that you can turn your attention to.

Try to find keywords related to the application. If it is, for example. calendar, just do a search "the calendar"which there are a lot of. Alternatives may not have the identical look and feel of your old application, but in most cases you can find a decent replacement.

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Of course, this will not help you with the issue of games, so if you especially do not need iOS 11, you can play your favorite game until you get bored, and then switch to the new OS. In the end, how much time can you spend on a game that you have already passed a hundred times? And if not. maybe it’s not worth it?

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