Tesla has made an absorption that will help her develop machine vision

In the early stages, Tesla electric vehicles relied on components from Mobileye, which later became part of Intel, in their ability to replace the driver in certain situations. The breakdown in relations between Tesla and Mobileye was facilitated by one of the first fatal accidents, which made us think about the safety of the active driver assistance systems used by the American manufacturer at that time. After the "divorce" from Mobileye, Tesla drew attention to the components of NVIDIA, but in April of this year, it showed the world the characteristics of a processor of its own design, which should form the basis of the third generation platform installed on all serial electric cars of the brand from this spring.

Tesla has made an absorption that will help her develop machine vision

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NVIDIA then tried to pretend to be offended, and began to remind about the speed of its own DRIVE PX platform in the current generation, talking about its superiority over the Tesla solution. However, it is now clear that the American manufacturer of electric vehicles intends to move their own way in creating the components necessary for the complete automation of the vehicle control process. According to CNBC, the founder of DeepScale, which specialized in the development of high-precision machine vision systems using low-power processors, recently joined Tesla. The source also confirms that Tesla bought DeepScale, although details about the terms of the deal were not reported.

Focusing on the use of relatively inexpensive processors for building machine vision systems is beneficial for Tesla, as this not only reduces their cost, but also provides the necessary redundancy for such nodes to ensure reliability. Elon Musk has repeatedly stated publicly that for reliable operation of the “autopilot” enough data is obtained by ultrasonic sensors and cameras, and optical radars (“lidars”) are redundant in this sense, not very convenient from a layout point of view, and also expensive in mass application. DeepScale’s development will certainly enable Tesla to improve the image processing technology of onboard electric vehicle cameras.

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