Surface Neo – a hybrid with two screens and a stylus

Surface Neo - a hybrid with two screens and a stylus

Microsoft has been creating a dual-screen computer for at least a decade, and finally introduced it. This is Surface Neo working with Windows 10X.

The Surface Neo looks like a miniature tablet, but when open, this device has two screens with a relatively large workspace. If desired, you can use a physical keyboard with this hybrid – placing it next to or at the bottom of one of the screens.

The Surface Neo uses not a flexible screen, but two separate matrices. On the one hand, this solution simplified the task for engineers and increased the reliability of the device, and on the other, it reduced usability, since there is a quite noticeable gap between the screens. Using the screen extension is not very convenient, it is much more appropriate to run different tasks on each matrix.

Microsoft and Intel have developed a special version of the Lakefield processor for Surface Neo. It provides high performance and at the same time allows the device to save energy in standby mode with a permanent Internet connection.

Surface Neo - a hybrid with two screens and a stylus

The diagonal of each screen is 9 inches, protection is provided by Gorilla glass. The mass of the device is 655 grams, the thickness of the body is 5.6 mm. The Surface Neo comes with a stylus that magnetizes to the back of the case.

Sales of Surface Neo should begin in the fall of 2020. At what price this gadget will be sold, it is still unknown.

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