Smart gadgets. Harm or good?

The time in which we live can be safely called the "era of smart gadgets." And this will not be an exaggeration, because almost everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, we use computers and a wide variety of home appliances that have “smart” functions. The information field presents these devices as an unconditional benefit. People are deliberately convinced that gadgets are extremely useful and you can’t do without them when it comes to comfort.

However, not everything is so simple and simple. Do people really need smart gadgets? Researchers of two authoritative scientific centers of Britain, the Imperial College of London and Northeastern University, tried to answer this question. They conducted a joint study of more than 80 "smart" devices, examining in detail their work. The conclusions reached by scientists are extremely curious and make you think.

Smart gadgets. Harm or good?

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Researchers studied the products of large IT companies. At the top of the list are Internet sharks such as Google and Apple, LG and Amazon. It also had other companies whose smart gadgets are in demand around the world. The test samples were smart TVs, speakers, doorbells, and more.

Scientists say that modern "smart" technology does not act so much in the interests of the user, but in the interests of the manufacturer. So, it turned out that almost all smart TVs send information about user preferences to Netflix. This is true even for devices that are not connected to this streaming service.

Further more! In addition to this information, information about the IP address, MAC address, preferred usage scenario and geolocation is at the disposal of companies. Scientists also found evidence that smart technology can store and send data from cameras and standard microphones to the network.

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The findings of British scientists will allow users to approach the purchase of modern technology more consciously, weighing all the associated risks.


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