Play assistant 5 appears voice assistant

It seems, in addition to powerful hardware, in the PlayStation 5 something else may appear that is noteworthy. This is a unique voice assistant PlayStation Assist. It will differ from the existing ones in that it can help gamers directly during the game – for example, marking the nearest first-aid kit on the map. The corresponding patent is already registered by Sony.

Play assistant 5 appears voice assistant

“For example, if a player is stuck somewhere, he will be able to request help from a voice assistant. The latter can give a hint in the form of text, audio or video, ”the patent says.

The document also explains that the voice assistant will use deep learning technologies – that is, we are talking about self-learning artificial intelligence. In addition, it mentions a mobile assistant – a special application for a smartphone with which you can directly access the PlayStation Assist.

It is worth noting that so far we are talking only about the patent – the appearance of promising technology in the new generation of consoles by the manufacturer has not yet been confirmed.

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