Monitor Malfunctions Light Up And Go Out

Monitor Malfunctions Light Up And Go Out

Hello Andrei! Your monitor may have a faulty inverter. This is a fairly common and typical failure for modern LCD monitors. There are a large number of modifications of inverters. The use of one type or another is determined by the type of LCD panel used in this monitor, so inverters of the same type can be found in different manufacturers.

There are several symptoms by which you can understand that the problem is in the inverter. Here are some of them:

the image appears for a second and immediately disappears;

the power light is on, but the image is barely visible;

the power lamp lights up and immediately turns off and so repeats.

Without going into difficult technical moments, what an inverter can be, it can be explained as follows: for ignition and stable operation of the lamps in the monitor, a high voltage is required, much more than 200 volts, the inverter provides the transformation of the voltage from the outlet to the desired voltage (over 1500 Volts) for correct operation LCD monitor.

The inverter performs the following functions:

# converts direct voltage to high voltage;

# stabilizes the lamp current and, if necessary, regulates it, preventing it from exceeding critical values;

# provides brightness adjustment of lamps, which makes the picture uniform in brightness;

# Coordinates the output stage of the inverter with the input resistance of the lamps;

# provides protection against short circuit and overload.

Without an inverter, the operation of the LCD monitor is impossible.

Monitor Malfunctions Light Up And Go Out

What causes the inverter to fail?

There may be several reasons, but the most common cause of a monitor breakdown is time. The monitor inverter, like any other loaded part, “gets tired” from constant work and breaks.

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Also, the inverter may fail due to power surges.

In your question, you forgot to indicate which brand your monitor is. However, no matter how diverse the market of modern inverters is, the principles of their construction and operation are almost the same, which simplifies their repair. Therefore, repairing a monitor with inverter problems is not difficult for service center specialists. The inverter can either be repaired or exchanged for a new one. What exactly is needed for your monitor will tell the master after the diagnosis.

If you want to try to repair your monitor yourself, try looking for more detailed information on the Internet. You can read one of these articles at the following link:

However, if you do not have confidence in your own abilities, do not take risks and take the monitor to a service center.


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