Microsoft Surface Neo – a folding tablet with two screens on Windows 10X

Microsoft Surface Neo - a folding tablet with two screens on Windows 10X

The American corporation Microsoft pleases its fans not only with the new software that it regularly launches on the market, but also with new electronic devices that are launched on the market under the brand name. During a major fall presentation in New York, the public was shown a folding tablet with two screens, and it works on Windows 10X. The novelty is called Microsoft Surface Neo, being completely unique. Not a single manufacturer has done anything close yet, which of course was reported during the presentation. To fully utilize all the capabilities of the new tablet, a new OS was installed on it, which will be released in the final stable form for everyone next year.

According to the creators of the new electronic device, Microsoft Surface Neo is currently a prototype, but fully working. By the time it enters the market, the tablet can become more attractive from a visual point of view, having received a display with smaller frames and a more elegant minimalistic appearance. The device is equipped with two 9-inch screens, and both of them are protected by full-fledged tempered glass Corning Gorilla Glass 6, so they are not afraid of scratches and scuffs. Each part of the tablet has a thickness of 5.6 mm, so when folded this is not thicker than a modern mid-range laptop. The mass of the novelty is only 655 grams, so you can always carry it with you everywhere.

Microsoft Surface Neo - a folding tablet with two screens on Windows 10X
Microsoft Surface Neo - a folding tablet with two screens on Windows 10X

When the tablet is folded, it looks like a compact laptop. A specially designed hinge allows you to open the device not just 180 degrees, as it usually happens, but as much as 360 degrees. Due to this, you can use the Surface Neo tablet as a photo frame for viewing photos, as a TV for watching movies, as well as in other cases. The basis of the tablet is the Intel Lakefield hybrid processor, but there are no details about this yet. This is the 11th generation Intel chipset, which will be released only in 2020. He is able to control the output of the image on two screens at the same time, doing it at the hardware level.

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The second display can be used as a keyboard, but if suddenly the user needs a full one, he can connect a full physical one, which will also be released by Microsoft. It is attached to the tablet body through magnetic mounts. On the back of the Surface Neo on Windows 10X there is a special mount for the Surface Pen digital stylus, which is fully compatible with this electronic device. It is still unknown how much such a device will cost, but the official representative of the American corporation announced that the company will release such a gadget at the end of 2020. Simply put, there is about one more year left to wait for its launch.

Microsoft previously released the Surface Pro X tablet with 4G LTE on Windows 10.

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