Lenovo Password, What To Do If You Forgot Your Laptop Password

Lenovo Password, What To Do If You Forgot Your Laptop Password

Lenovo is a very popular name when it comes to laptops. He dominates the market, laptops up to 20% of the market in 2015 and 2016. Most Lenovo notebook models feature advanced features and world-class design. And Lenovo ThinkPad is one of the best known brands for business. Of course, you cannot afford to lose data on your computer when you simply locked your computer because you lost or forgot your password. Do not worry, in this article we will tell you several ways to reset Lenovo login password.
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The following methods apply to:
Windows OS : Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7 / Vista / XP.

You can quickly find the way you need by opening the content.

Reset Lenovo laptop password with Windows 7 installation disc

1. Download tool downloads Windows USB / DVD and install it.

2. Run the Windows USB / DVD boot tool, select the Windows 7 installation image, and then burn the image to a USB drive.

3. Boot the lenovo laptop from the USB drive. Insert the USB drive into the lenovo laptop, turn it on or restart when the Lenovo logo appears, press and hold the F12 key until the boot menu appears, and then select the USB drive to boot.

4. Select "Restore Computer."

5. Select Command Prompt.

6. Go to the folder C: \ windows \ system32.

7. Use the "ren" command to rename "utilman.exe" to "utilman.exe.bak" and rename "CMD.exe" to "utilman.exe".

8. Use the “restart wpeutil” command to restart the Lenovo computer.

9. Click the button in the lower left corner to launch the command line program.

10. Use the "net user" command to reset the password for logging into a Lenovo laptop.

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11. Close the command line program and use the new password to enter your laptop.

Tips: After logging into Windows, please remember to rename “utilman.exe” to “cmd.exe” and rename “utilman.exe.bak” to “utilman.exe”.

Reset Lenovo laptop password using a drive

If you are a prudent user, then you should have created a password reset disk earlier. Now you can use it to reset your password on your Lenovo laptop.

  • 1. Click the "Reset Password" link in the password entry field and insert a password recovery disk.
  • 2. Enter the new password twice and enter a hint to remember the password.

Lenovo password reset using software

If you have not created a password reset disk, you still have the option to reset Lenovo’s lost password using a third-party software called the Windows Password Key. It can easily and quickly reset Lenovo password for local administrator and user account and fully supports password resetting of Windows 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / XP and also version 10.

1. Download and install the Windows password key on an available computer.

2. Insert the CD / DVD or USB flash drive into the work computer. Specify the CD / USB burner and click “Burn” to record the password reset disk.

3. Insert the newly created password reset disk into your Lenovo computer. Install in BIOS to boot the computer from CD / DVD or USB.

4. After that, the Windows password key will appear on your screen. Follow the steps to reset Lenovo laptop password.

Reset Lenovo password with Microsoft account

For Windows 8 and later, you can log in with a local password or with a Microsoft account with a new security mechanism. Therefore, if you decide to log in to your computer with a Microsoft account, you are lucky how easy it is to reset your password without much effort.

Microsoft account password recovery steps:

  • Step 1. Find a regular computer that you can use.
  • Step 2. Go to the password reset page from here for your Microsoft account.
  • Step 3: Enter the correct email address or phone number associated with this account.
  • Step 4: Check the email field or text message and enter the received code.
  • Step 5: Set a new password for the account and log in with a new password.

Reset Lenovo password using Windows UUKeys password recovery

If you cannot log in to your Microsoft account, then you really have nothing to worry about, because you can find very good Windows password recovery software available on the market. UUkeys Windows Password Recovery is one of the best programs you can use. It allows you to easily reset your password for Windows 10, 8 / 8.1, Windows 7 / Vista / XP / NT. The best part of this software is that you do not need any technical knowledge to use this program.

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What you need:

  • Another Windows PC or laptop that you can access as an administrator.
  • New USB stick with 250 MB free space.
  • Download the UUkeys Windows Password Recovery file.

Lenovo Password Recovery Tutorial with UUkeys

Lenovo Password, What To Do If You Forgot Your Laptop Password

In the next tutorial, we will show you all the details necessary to successfully reset the password for your Lenovo computer. No matter how complicated the password is, you will recover your password and gain access to a locked computer.

Step 1: Installing and Starting UUkeys Recovering a Windows Password on a Regular Computer

The very first thing you need to do is download the software from the site and install it on a regular computer, which you can access with the permission of the administrator.

After installation, you need to run the program on this computer. The user interface of this program is quite easy and understandable.

Step 2: Create a Lenovo password recovery disk with a USB drive

As its name indicates, a password reset disk is a physical medium that stores the necessary programs to help us recover the password on a Windows computer. Literally, you can do this with a CD, DVD, or USB stick. It is your own choice of what to use. In this example, I will take a USB drive as an example, since it is much easier to make. If you decide to use a CD or DVD, the steps will be the same.

Insert the USB drive into this regular computer and make sure that it is recognized by the computer. Remember the name of the USB drive. On the main screen, select the correct name from the drop-down list. After selecting, click “ Burn USB "To start the process of creating a password reset disk. Recording on a flash drive will be done in a few minutes. Finally, remove the USB flash drive and insert this USB flash drive into the locked computer.

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Step 3: Change the first boot device to a USB drive on a locked Lenovo laptop

For a typical Lenovo computer, the first boot device is usually installed on the hard drive, and you need to change it to a USB drive. Thus, we can download the program and reset the lenovo password. To change the boot order, you first need to enter the BIOS settings, there is a boot menu that you can see. Use the arrow keys to change the boot order. The following are the details:

Turn on the computer with password protection and press F12 when the first screen loads. Then, in the pop-up menu, select the name of the USB drive. At this time, the computer will start booting from this device temporarily.

Step 4: Reset the Lenovo laptop password for the selected account.

When the reset disk has loaded, the graphical user interface will be displayed on the main screen. It’s very simple to understand how this happens. In the list of accounts, select the one from which you want to reset the password, usually this is the administrator. Click the " Reset the password ”In step 3. After a few seconds, the password to enter the system will be empty.

Now click " Reboot »And remove the password reset disk. When the computer boots again, there will be no password to enter the system. Now you can easily access your computer.

How to recover BIOS password on Lenovo laptop?

Resetting the BIOS password is another password issue that worries many Lenovo users. The BIOS password is used to stop turning on the computer system or make changes to some of the most sensitive areas of computers. If you forget it, you cannot change the BIOS settings.

By following the steps, you can bypass the BIOS password on your Lenovo laptop.

  • 1. Open the computer case and locate the CMOS battery. Remove the CMOS battery and wait 10 to 25 minutes before putting it back in again.
  • 2. Insert everything back, turn on the computer, and enter the BIOS again. Now there is no longer a BIOS password.

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