Iphone Data Recovery

Iphone Data Recovery

Many iPhone users often encounter a situation where the memory card of a mobile device fails and the necessary information is almost lost if it is not restored on time.

It is difficult to foresee such a situation in order to make a backup copy of the data, but you need to know the possible ways to overcome such difficulties on your own at home. However, recovering lost data is a very laborious and complex process. That is why it is strongly recommended that you back up data to your computer’s hard drive or other storage medium.

Regular recovery methods

Mobile devices from Apple, including the iPhone, are very specific, in this regard, traditional methods of data recovery are not always effective. But there is an opportunity to recover information using the tools recommended by the developer.

First of all, we are talking about the iTunes program, which can be installed by saving from the company’s website. The program is very convenient to use. But to recover information from the iPhone is possible only in that case. If a backup was previously made in the same program.

To restore data you need to select the menu item "Synchronize" for the selected group of files.

The program supports manual recovery of iPhone data using a backup image. It is important to note that files larger than 2 GB cannot be restored via iTunes, so it is advisable to back them up separately.

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Backup images are stored in the iTunes directory, the path to which is different on different operating systems. This software allows you to store only one single copy of the data, so its relevance must be approached with particular care.

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iPhone Spy Stick

In a situation where there is no backup copy of the data, and their value is undeniable, the easiest way out of a difficult situation is to turn to qualified specialists. However, you will have to pay a tidy sum for this.

An alternative way is to use the iPhone Spy Stick. In fact, this is a flash drive with built-in software. This software allows you to recover lost information from the call and contact log to video and photos.

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The process of recovering data information is as follows:

  • It is necessary to connect the iPhone Spy device to the iPhone and USB workstation;
  • run specialized software from a USB device;
  • mark the necessary data for recovery.

A huge disadvantage of this method of data recovery is the high cost of the iPhone Spy Stick, which can reach several hundred dollars.

Alternative way

Another way to restore an iPhone without a backup from the developer is as follows:

  • connect the smartphone to the computer, press simultaneously on “home” and “power”, hold them for 10 seconds;
  • then remove your finger from "power", but on the "home" press another 20 seconds;
  • In iTunes, a message should appear that the device was detected in recovery mode;
  • you must press and hold the "alt", "shift" or "ctrl" buttons and specify the data path;
  • after the system recovery is complete, you must disconnect the iPhone from the computer.
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Third-party data recovery software from iPhone

Established funds from Apple often help out, but sometimes they are powerless. In such a situation, one of the programs for recovering information from a smartphone can be used, which for the most part is free and Russified.

Among the most popular of them are:

  • Undelete Plus;
  • Wondershare Dr. Fone;
  • MobiSaver

Undelete plus

Iphone Data Recovery

The main purpose of the program is to restore information from the iPhone when there is no backup. It can help out even in those situations when the card is not readable by either a smartphone or a computer.

The sequence of actions for recovering information is as follows:

  • it is required to run a program pre-installed on the workstation;
  • insert a memory card;
  • run her scan. The scanning process is very long and can reach several hours. For a simpler search of the necessary information among remote files you can apply all kinds of filters;
  • all information found by the utility for recovery should be checked with flags and click “Restore”. After selecting the location to extract the data, the marked files will be saved to the specified location.

In general, we can say that recovering data from the iPhone using this software is a fairly easy process, which is not only effective, but also relatively fast.

Wondershare Dr.Fone

Wondershare Dr.Fone is an easy-to-use professional application that will help in recovering files, photos, videos, contacts, and other data from devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The program is able to restore everything from contacts, SMS messages to photos and videos on your device. The first data recovery program for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch for personal users.

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Among the useful features of the program, it is worth noting the ability to preview deleted or lost data and the ability to conveniently view deleted contacts.


MobiSaver is a free Windows-based application that helps you recover data from your iPhone.

Instructions for setting up an ADSL router. Here.

Ipod NANO 5G – new in the techno world! More details here.

The sequence of actions for restoring information is quite traditional. A characteristic feature of this utility is that it will help to restore data only to a computer.

Any electronic device does not last forever, and all people are mistaken and can accidentally delete the necessary information. In such a situation, you can restore data either using regular tools from Apple or one of many third-party utilities.


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