IPhone can be controlled by turning the head

IPhone can be controlled by turning the head

Head to the left – volume decreases, head to the right – increases.

This short instruction once again proves what kind of iPhones are smart and human-oriented phones. There are many interesting features in the universal access settings that users often don’t even suspect about. Many of them are needed for people with disabilities.

IPhone can be controlled by turning the head

In order to make the smartphone respond to the movements of your head, you need to do the following:

  • Go to "Settings" – "Universal Access" – "Virtual Controller".
  • Then you need to move the switch to the active position. In this case, the smartphone will ask you to clarify whether you really need to do this. Already at that moment a blue rectangular frame appears on the screen, moving between the answer options. After activating the controller, the frame will constantly move on the screen. It is needed just so that a person who for some reason cannot press the display interacts with a smartphone.

  • Next you need to select "Switches" and then "Add New" "Camera". After that, in the paragraph "Action" we set the desired operation. Let’s say we want the volume to decrease when you turn your head to the left, and when you turn it to the right increased. Choose what you need.

After that, the smartphone will always respond to the rotation of the head in the specified way, if the virtual controller is turned on and your face is recognized. You can disable the controller in the universal access settings.

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