Iphone And Ipad Screen Icons – What Do They Mean

Iphone And Ipad Screen Icons - What Do They Mean

Peace for everyone! Icons appearing after certain actions on the iPhone or iPad screen are some kind of indicators that tell the user whether or not a specific function is currently enabled on the device. And although most of the signs are familiar to you (network signal strength, battery, etc.), there are those that can lead to a dead end and make you think – what do they mean? For example: a castle with an arrow in a circle, a crescent moon, an airplane, and others.

Today we will understand all these icons: we will find out why they appear, what each of them means and how to remove all this good from the screen? We read carefully, do not hesitate to ask and prompt other users in the comments. The welcome part of the article is over, let’s get down to business. Let’s go! 🙂

All indicators on the iPhone and iPad are located at the top of the display, in the so-called Status Bar (current status bar), we start from left to right:

  1. The image of the aircraft is the so-called air mode, when it is turned on, all wireless connections, including mobile communications, are turned off. Therefore, when it is active from the screen, the display of the network signal strength, the name of the operator and the standard of Internet connection disappears.
  2. Wi-Fi network indicator – depending on the strength of reception, one (minimum), two or three strips (maximum) are painted over. What to do if it doesn’t show up and read about other problems with Wi-Fi here.
  3. The icon in the form of two arrows rotating in a circle appears when you synchronize (create backups, copy data, etc.) the device with iTunes.
  4. Signal strength of the cellular network.
  5. The name of the carrier.
  6. The standard of mobile communications (Edge, 3G, LTE), for the most part is responsible for the speed of Internet connection.
  7. Moon Icon — Indicates Do Not Disturb. If this function is enabled, then calls and warnings, notifications from programs, Push-messages will stop coming. More precisely, they will not be accompanied by sound signals, and the crescent sign will appear on the display at the top. To turn it on or off, go to: Settings – Do Not Disturb.
  8. “Lock with arrow” icon – disables automatic screen rotation on iPhone or iPad (portrait orientation lock). You can remove or use this “chip” through the lower pop-up menu (to call it up, you need to drag your finger from the bottom of the display to the top).
  9. Bluetooth is a good old "blue tooth" 🙂
  10. Battery percentage.
  11. The battery charge in graphic form, so to speak, clearly.
  12. Lightning – indicates that your iPhone or iPad is currently charging.
  13. Arrow icon – if it is displayed on the screen, it means that one (or several) programs right now use geolocation services. And in simple terms – navigation. Try to close such applications if you are not using them, since GPS eats up the battery.
Iphone And Ipad Screen Icons - What Do They Mean

As you can see, iOS is rich in icons that mean anything. Moreover, there are both intuitively clear to any person, and quite exotic, peculiar only to Apple’s mobile operating system.

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Updated! As I was rightly corrected in the comments, I forgot about the clock icon. So, this same watch (located next to the battery indicator), speaks of one simple fact – you will soon wake up. Yes, everything is correct – this is a wake-up alarm clock on your iPhone.


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