IPhone 11 launch failed, cockroaches found on PS4

IPhone 11 launch failed, cockroaches found on PS4

We analyze the high-profile events of the last seven days. In this issue: sales of iPhones, regular bugs in updating Windows 10, cockroaches in PlayStation 4 and more.

The best camera for a hundred thousand

At the same time, the iPhone 11 Pro Max seems to be really really cool. Western media are sure: after many years of living on the bench, Cupertino managed to make the best mobile camera on the market. Experts compared the "apple" flagship with the Pixel 3 XL and HUAWEI P30 Pro – tested shooting in low light conditions. And the Apple novelty pleasantly surprised. You can take a look at the pictures here.

Windows: bug by bug

The developers of the next Windows 10 patch are head over heels in complaints. A week after the release of the update, which causes a "red screen", several OS components were threatened at once: from network adapters to key program elements. Users who encounter problems are advised to uninstall the update.

But not even three days had passed before a new bugreport arrived in pursuit of it. Now the situation is even more serious than the “red screen”: an error occurs immediately after turning on the computer and does not allow you to enter the system in the usual way. Microsoft specialists are working to resolve this situation.

IPhone 11 launch failed, cockroaches found on PS4

Sony and cockroaches

Lastly, sweetie. Game blogger Vito Gesualdi turned to Sony with a small request. No, the guy did not ask for gifts or discounts, but only expressed the hope that the ventilation holes in the PlayStation 4 will one day become smaller. All because of an unpleasant find. The other day Vito undertook to clean the prefix and came across a whole cemetery of cockroaches. By the way, the case is not an isolated one: the unsightly stuffing of the PS4 is reported here and there.

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In the American repair shop XCubicle, for example, back in 2017, the service “getting rid of cockroaches for 25” was introduced. They say half of the broken consoles are the work of insect paws. Moustached’s love of electronics is simply explained: they are attracted by heat and large ventilation openings. Meanwhile, the network’s audience was divided into two camps. Some support Vito in favor of redesigning the PS4, while others are trying to shame. Like, blame yourself, not Sony, if your apartment has become the scene of the animated film "Auggie and Cockroaches."


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