IOS 13 innovations you might have missed

On September 19, a public release of iOS 13 was released, which, as always, was one of the first to report. Many users, looking at the dark topic and the old dialer, began to accuse Tim Cook and the company of not caring about the mobile operating system. Like, the guys do not pay due attention to the little things for which we love Apple products. About small, but important innovations in iOS that could remain in the shade, we will discuss this article.

IOS 13 innovations you might have missed

Craig Federigi at the presentation of iOS 13

How to change the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings in iOS 13

What happened was what all iPhone owners dreamed of, but didn’t tell friends with Android. Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth device can be selected directly from the “Control Center”. Open the network connection settings in the curtain of the “Control Point”, then hold down the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth button and select the desired item. Now you can hide the “Settings” application on the farthest screen, and put, for example, Telegram in its place to read the Telegram channel

Select Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices

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What’s New in Photos App in iOS 13

The “Photos” application has received a big update, we will describe all the details a bit later. I would like to draw attention to one little thing that increased the pleasure of scrolling through old photographs. Now, when you scroll through them and get to the video, you don’t have to click anywhere to watch it – the videos start automatically without sound. Such a seemingly trifle, but it became very convenient. Write in the comments about your feelings.

New volume control in iOS 13

It turned out just beauty. Not only did Apple remove this damn square from the middle of the screen, but also for clarity, divided the volume control of the call and application. Now you accidentally mix up and will not frantically turn off the loud ringtone in an inappropriate situation. And, since we are talking about little things, the volume of the application can be smoothly adjusted directly on the screen.

Volume controls in iOS 13

Menstruation in the Health program in iOS 13

Guys, scroll on. Girls will be interested. The Health application, in addition to a global update of the interface, has received the function of tracking the cycle of menstruation. It can predict menstruation and fertility, it has a timeline and a cycle log. You will receive timely notification of the imminent onset of time favorable for conception. You can delete Flo to make room for new beach photos.

Share Audio in iOS 13

Here Apple could try better. The guys from Cupertino delighted users with the fact that they mastered Bluetooth 5.0 to the fullest, and now music can be transferred to several devices. I joyfully looked forward to the beginnings of the multiroom right on iOS. But no, only Airpods are supported so far. Even to share music from the iPad, to which ordinary wired headphones are connected, did not work. Perhaps in iOS 13.1 this will be fixed. Will wait.

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Share audio dice

New scrollbar in iOS 13

A small innovation that will appeal to lovers of long texts or to owners of a large selection of photos. Now, if you hold down the scroll bar, you can quickly navigate through large amounts of information, like on MacOS. This is great work on the little things, well done Apple.

Scroll Bars in iOS 13

What’s New in Screen Time in iOS 13

IOS 12 introduced the “Screen Time” feature. A very useful thing to understand how much time you waste in games and social networks. But completely different applications fell into the section, for example, "Social networks". And, having spent the entire daily limit on Youtube, you could not use Telegram. More precisely, they could, of course. The limit was turned off, then turned on again. As a result, this function began to annoy and turned off completely. iOS 13 fixed it. Now “Screen time" is set separately for each application.

New subsections in screen time limits

What’s New in Battery Status in iOS 13

If you go to the "Battery" – "Battery Status" items in the Settings application, you can see the new checkbox activated by default. It is called "Optimized Charging." Apple claims that this feature adjusts charging cycles to your habits of plugging your phone into a power outlet. Thus, you will definitely get an iPhone, ready for several hours of battery life. In addition, it is claimed that this reduces battery wear. Well, check it out.

Optimized Charging checkbox in Battery Status

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Save Internet on iOS 13

If you still have limited Internet at home or you connect to the network in the country through a 4G modem, then Apple has taken care of you. Look for a new parameter in "Settings" – "Wi-Fi" – your network. How effective it will be in your case, be sure to write in the comments.

New setting in network settings

This, of course, is far from all that the Cupertino guys brought to iOS. But such pleasant little things inspire hope that developers will continue to please us with their mobile operating system. What do you expect from future versions of iOS?


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