IOS 13 has smart traffic controls

IOS 13 has smart traffic controls

It is only necessary to use.

With exit iOS 13 All iPhones have a special mode of saving traffic. Its main task is to reduce the consumption of mobile traffic at the request of the user. However, in addition to this, the new iOS 13 feature allows you to decently save battery power iPhone. The main thing is to use the innovation correctly. How to do this was described in this manual.

IOS 13 has smart traffic controls

Smart mode to save traffic in iOS 13

The new iOS 13 feature is in the "Settings"→"cellular"→"Data options". The option is called "Data saving"And by default it is off.

What happens after you enable a feature? The data saving mode reduces the consumption of mobile traffic by almost all applications on the iPhone. In some applications, background updating of data is completely disabled, in streaming services like Apple Music, the quality of streaming music is deteriorating, video is compressed when calling on FaceTime, etc.

iPhone is doing everything to keep mobile traffic as low as possible.

Saving traffic, as the main task of the function, is not always needed. It can be used when the monthly traffic quota comes to an end or you are abroad, where mobile Internet is extremely expensive. All this is obvious and understandable without further explanation. Still, the purpose of the function is described directly in its name.

But there is a new iOS 13 mode and non-obvious benefits. It saves valuable iPhone battery power.

To do this, you need to enable the "Data Saving" function at times when the iPhone does not accept mobile Internet. In the subway, trips out of town, and just in places where the signal is weak.

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Active use of the iPhone outside the Wi-Fi zone. Charge rarely drops below 80%

What will it give? Thanks to the activation of the function, most applications on the iPhone will have limited opportunities for using mobile Internet. Most importantly, applications will no longer constantly send requests for background content updates. When there is no connection on the iPhone, such requests simply “consume” the battery charge, since updating the first time fails due to poor Internet.

The only minus of the innovation is that it is quickly impossible to control the mode. It is not yet possible to add an option switch to the “Control Center”. In addition, the activated mode of saving traffic is not displayed in any way in the iOS interface. We hope for improvements in the next iOS 13 updates.


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