Improving Ios 9 Performance In Three Easy Steps

Improving Ios 9 Performance In Three Easy Steps

The other day we wrote about how things are going with iOS 9 performance on old gadgets, and collected statistics for each of the smartphones and tablets that will receive the update. According to statistics, even the majority of users of old iPhone 4s and iPad 2 felt a speed increase, which was confirmed by synthetic tests. Nevertheless, more and more messages appear on the Web about the slowdowns and slow operation of the system. How to fix the situation if everything is bad – we will describe in this article.

In truth, these tips almost completely migrated from tips for improving the performance of iOS 8, with one significant difference.

Turn off transparency and animation

These beauties that accompany the owners of iOS devices since the seventh iteration may be appropriate on the productive gadgets of the line, but on the "old people" who live out their last update cycle – they must be turned off.

So, in the search for settings, we find the section “Increasing contrast” and move the slider “Decreasing transparency” to the on position. We go back one step and in the section "Reducing movement" turn on the switch of the same name.

What do we get in the end? In the notification curtain, in the search and quick settings section, the transparent background becomes monophonic. In addition, applications are minimized with a more concise animation, which I like even more than standard. My iPhone 5 started to run noticeably faster.

Turn off automatic updating of application content

This item is mandatory when the battery in your gadget is "not the same" and you appreciate every hour of its battery life. Needless to say, when the system performs the update, old smartphones and tablets with a small amount of RAM can noticeably “strain” and slow down a little. When you turn off the function, you lose quite a bit – articles from Pocket, Any.Do tasks, notes, data from instant messengers and all those programs that you allowed to extract information in the background will be loaded when you open them.

Improving Ios 9 Performance In Three Easy Steps

Disabling this option is very simple: in the settings we find “Content update” and put the slider in an inactive state.

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Turning Off Siri Offers

This is the most painful part of this guide, because the suggestions of a full-time assistant in finding Spotlight are one of the main innovations of iOS 9. You decide how justified this action is, and I highly recommend comparing the difference in speed before making any decision. However, if you still decide to do this, find “Spotlight Search” and turn off the “Siri Suggestions” switch.

The Spotlight on-screen lag, which already seems to have become a tradition for each new version of iOS, of course, will not disappear, but the search becomes significantly faster. Well, in Russia the functionality of these offers is still limited – for myself, I decided to leave this slider off.


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