I could not stand it and rolled back to iOS 12. What is wrong with iOS 13?

I could not stand it and rolled back to iOS 12. What is wrong with iOS 13?

When Apple showed iOS 13 in June this year, my joy knew no bounds. The company for the first time in a long time listened to users and added many useful options to the operating system – dark mode, Safari download manager, support for external drives and even a gesture-controlled keyboard. Moreover, the developers removed the stupid limit of 150 MB for downloading applications from the App Store.

With the release of the final version of iOS 13, I did not hesitate and immediately put the system on my iPhone X. But, as it turned out later, I was in a hurry. The operating system has a huge number of flaws and bugs – and this is manifested literally in everything.

I could not stand it and rolled back to iOS 12. What is wrong with iOS 13?

Network blade

I never would have thought that this is possible – but I regularly come across the fact that my iPhone suddenly stops receiving calls and notifications. Moreover, I am always in a stable coverage area – and the problem is definitely not in my service provider.

And most interestingly, the status line always shows an excellent signal and LTE, as if there were no problems.

Resetting the network and changing the SIM card, alas, did not solve the problem.


But as soon as I upgraded to iOS 13, smartphone did not recognize. There were incomprehensible slowdowns when turning over desktops, long lists, and even in multitasking.

Applications began to be constantly unloaded from random access memory, it worked worse, and in special cases even crashed. Of course, this moment can be attributed to the fact that not all applications have been optimized for iOS 13. But the sediment still remains.

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Unfortunately, the battery life on iOS 13 leaves much to be desired. The maximum that my iPhone X is capable of now – 3-4 hours of active screen. Needless to say, on iOS 12.4.1, autonomy was much better. And the point here is clearly not the physical wear of the battery.

Problems with AirPods

I have been using Apple’s wireless headphones for quite some time and have never had a problem with them. But with the release of iOS 13, the company has clearly changed something in software algorithms.

My AirPods started connecting longer, and the volume is sometimes adjusted with a long delay. In addition, the headphones began to constantly turn on Siri, responding to phrases that do not even remotely resemble "Hello, Siri."

Bugs and other flaws

Well-known developer and insider Steve Troughton-Smith has already dubbed iOS 13 the most unsuccessful release in the last few years. And inclined to agree with him. The operating system has a large number of various problems that have not been fixed even after several updates. A bug with widgets that leads to a reboot, untranslated elements in the system, problems with Wi-Fi – and this is only a small part.

Of course, this could not continue anymore and I decided to abandon all the benefits of iOS 13 in favor of stable operation. By installing iOS 12.4.1, absolutely all the problems are gone, as if they never existed.

This is one of the few cases in my memory when Apple released so buggy release. After perfect iOS 12, the difference is obvious.

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