How To Update The Android Operating System On Lenovo Without A Computer Yourself

How To Update The Android Operating System On Lenovo Without A Computer Yourself

Why update the operating system? Yes, because updates can be fixed errors that can occur on many Android devices. Improvements and new features may also appear. If your smartphone or tablet works fine and everything suits you, then you may not update the firmware. You may not like the new update and you will want to return the old firmware, and this will probably be impossible. So I recommend thinking before updating your Lenovo.

What can we need to update the android firmware? This is mainly the Internet. It’s better to have high-speed Internet using a Wi-Fi access point. Since the firmware can weigh a lot of traffic, and if you use the Internet from your phone, they can write off not a small amount of money from your account. We also recommend that you charge your smartphone or tablet before starting. In principle, we don’t need anything else, neither a computer, nor a laptop and no wires, the firmware update will be over the air.

Attention. Everything that you do with your device, you do voluntarily at your own peril and risk, the site administration does not bear any responsibility in the event of a malfunction of your device. Information is found on the Internet and taken from open sources and serves to help users of smartphones and other devices. Good luck

Now let’s see how to update firmware on Lenovo through the OTA system. (That is, through the air without using wires and a computer).
We connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi (WLAN) and open "Options" (System Settings) next "System" (All parameters) next "System" Further "About phone" (tablet) and "System update" (System updates).
If a new version of the software is available for your smartphone or tablet Lenovo, then on the device you will see a request to download and install it.
Attention! When updating the firmware, do not turn off or disconnect the device from the power supply.
After installing the updates, it will restart or shut down the client machine in scheduler mode, a notification icon will be displayed.

How To Update The Android Operating System On Lenovo Without A Computer Yourself

You should also know that different versions of the operating system on the device may have different names for the menu items.
it may be that different versions of software and component updates may be available for different models.

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