How To Set Emoticons, Emoji On Iphone

How To Set Emoticons, Emoji On Iphone

The transmission of emotions during correspondence is an important task, because people can perceive the same proposal differently, depending on their mood or personal beliefs.

That is why many are wondering how to install emoticons on iPhone? In each new version of iOS, a series of new emoji appears, allowing politically correct expression of their feelings. However, they are disabled by default …

Why are emoticons turned off? The thing is that funny faces and signs that so please us can only be seen by users of devices on which they are already available. Simply put, if a person receives messages from you from a smartphone on an Android OS that does not support this function, he sees only the text attached to the symbol, or an empty square.

How to activate emoticons on the keyboard in iOS?

You do not need to install third-party software containing a database with images, since all of them are present in the firmware. To add them directly to the keyboard, just go to the settings menu, where you need to select the main section.

In it you will see the category “Keyboard”, and in it “Keyboards”, by going into which you will find a list of input methods. As a rule, this is the English and Russian layout.

Also here is the "Emoji" item, which allows us to use the symbols we need.

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In some devices, you must enable the Japanese language, and after doing the above steps.

Alternative way

With the firmware update, the owners of the devices notice that they see some emoji, but they do not have them. There is an amazing feature on the iPhone that allows you to manually snap a fresh picture. To do this, visit the keyboard settings section by going to the “Abbreviations” subgroup, where two windows will appear in front of you. Copy the new smiley from Twitter or another resource, and then paste in the "Phrase" field. In the line “Abbreviation” write down a word that will be automatically or at the user’s choice replaced by emoji.

Where can I use the built-in emoticons?

Most standard characters have a similar text designation. For example, the text “LoL” is hidden behind a laughing bun. The classic images used in the last ten years are the same on sites and in a number of applications. They will be visible in Mail Agent, ICQ and other old-style programs. Of course, not all options will work, some will be displayed as text or will not appear on the screen at all.

How to disable emoticons in new versions of iOS?

We figured out how to set emoticons in the iPhone, but here’s the trouble, starting with iOS 8, some devices come with an already activated feature. Using a smartphone for pleasure, you most likely will not have to think about deactivating this function, but if you need to quickly switch the layout or get rid of unnecessary elements on the keyboard, it will be enough to do the same steps as when turning on the emoji, and at the last step select "Delete".


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