How To Run Android Games On Pc

How To Run Android Games On Pc

Games for mobile devices are developing by leaps and bounds. Five years ago, users had primitive projects, like Candy Crush Saga, Talking Tom and quizzes made alone. After a couple of years, games with more exciting gameplay, graphics and even a plot appeared. These include:

  • Asphalt 8;
  • Dead Trigger 2;
  • Modern series.

Already then questions began to arise, how to run Android games on a PC. But here, the development did not stop, but the market is now represented full games, like X-COM: Enemy Within and GTA San Andreas, desktop level counterparts MOBA – Mobile Legends or Vainglory and real ports, e.g. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and others. Such an abundance can not but rejoice the active users of mobile devices, but it is the envy of many PC gamers, especially considering the fact that most games for tablets and smartphones distributed free of charge, monetized only through in-game purchases. Therefore, solutions for playing on a computer in Android were not long in coming. They existed before, but right now they are imprisoned for specific purposes – getting a full gaming experience from mobile games on a computer.

Android games

First of all, it is worth saying that we are talking exclusively about how to run games on Android, because iOS devices do not provide for the possibility of installing games from external sources.

Apk files, which are installation packages, cannot just be run on Windows systems. This is due to completely different libraries and environments used in different operating systems. Therefore, the option that is used is emulators.

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Emulator concept

They are virtual mobile devices, working inside your desktop system. "Computer to computer". Of course, for their launch, and subsequently the work of the games will require enough advanced iron, therefore, if you are hoping to play mobile games because of their underestimated demands – you will have to throw this idea away. Or play something really primitive, not consuming much computer resources.

There are already quite a lot of paid and free emulators. They offer various features and interact differently with your device in terms of performance. If your goal is just to try the game – choose something simpler and faster. If you want to play constantly, then you should aim wisely. AND don’t forget about performance. To the resources consumed by the program itself, you need to add also those that the game will need.

Last nuance – many emulators are launched using virtualization technology, which differs depending on the chip manufacturer of your PC. To turn it on or make sure that it is active, you need to go to BIOS.


Perhaps, most popular solution Launching mobile games on Windows is BlueStacks. This is not a full-fledged emulator and it is sharpened specifically for games. Completed entirely in Russian and has a very nice interface. This is not a virtual smartphone on your screen, but a full-fledged PC program that skillfully hides its roots. And the process of working with it is ideally arranged just for the players.

Of the additional features – streaming a running game the process right on Twitch and sync with your Android device.

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Nox app player

The next, this time full-fledged, not only gaming option is Nox App Player. This is a real emulator, but it looks just as high-quality and it is extremely pleasant to use it. Plus, it also closely resembles the experience of a regular smartphone or tablet. In this case, this is an add-on for Android called CyanogenMod and launcher Nova Launcher.

The user is given full access to the settings of the emulator itself, where you can indicate the desired resolution, level of performance and other details; and device parameters for language selection, etc.

Of course, here, in addition to the standard Google Play, you can use apk to install applications, take screenshots and run several programs at the same time.


Droid4X is also a real emulator, but it is even closer to the standard form of the Android interface, however, only version 4.0. All the same features of other programs mentioned before are relevant for this solution. Google Play, apk, screenshots and full support for the hardware component of your PC.

How To Run Android Games On Pc


Last but not least, consider an option that is suitable not only for the game, but, for example, for development. Genymotion – an emulator that interacts with integrated development environments on Windows and thus allows you to test software or games in almost real conditions. You can choose it if, in addition to games, you are a developer of your own projects.


Additionally, it is worth noting Leapdroid. This solution, the quality and performance of which was noted by many real users on the network, but having appeared recently, it has also suddenly ceased to be supported by developers. Of course, it will not be difficult to find working distributions, but be extremely careful with malicious files.

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There is also Windroy from Chinese developers, but the official website of the program does not work at the moment, so it is impossible to fully recommend the program. However, it gives excellent performance, and uses your PC at full power. Theoretically, any, even the most complex games will run and work at 100%. Mistakes are possible, but it’s a fair price.


YouWave is also considered a quick and convenient solution for launching Android programs, but it looks rather meager and offers a minimum of functions, therefore it is mentioned only for information.


Running mobile applications on a PC is now really in demand, given the quality of their execution. The only thing you need to remember is to compare the power of your device with the requirements of the emulator and the program you are running. If your needs are minimal – choose a program with the simplest requirements and start playing. Each of the solutions mentioned in the review is worthy of becoming your desktop. It is worth highlighting only Genymotion, which has a wider range of capabilities. And once again remind you about the possibility of infection of the device when downloading installation files not from the official websites of developers.


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