How To Reduce Iphone Brightness To A Minimum

How To Reduce Iphone Brightness To A Minimum

You can’t argue with the fact that Apple equips the iPhone with excellent bright screens with a saturated color picture. But only in the dark the too bright display is too hit in the eyes. To this end, in iOS 9.3, developers have turned on the Night Shift feature – it makes colors warmer, and eyes don’t get tired so much.

But color temperature and brightness are two different things. Let’s figure out how to reduce the brightness to the minimum. Yes, below that in Settings – Screen and brightness.

Set the minimum brightness

one. Open Settings> The main ones.> Universal access.> Increase and turn on the slider opposite the item Increase.

2. If you enable this function for the first time, a small window with a magnifying glass will appear on the screen (Fig. 2). Touch screen three times in a row with three fingers. This must be done quickly.

3. A menu will appear on the screen, in which select Reduce.

four. Touch the screen again with three fingers three times in a row and open Select a filter.> Weak light.

5. The area with the magnifying glass will become much darker (Figure 5). Choose an item In full screen.

6. Now the entire screen has turned gray. Move the zoom slider to the minimum value (-) and then touch the screen anywhere and the additional menu disappears.

Reduced brightness mode is on.

Compare display brightness at maximum brightness without filter Weak light and with him:

To turn off the filter, tap the screen with three fingers three times in a row and select Select Filter – No Filter. The screen brightness returns to standard mode.

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Pay attention, that this mode does not affect the battery consumption and the minimum brightness value will not add you an extra couple of hours of iPhone operation, but your eyes will definitely say thanks.


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