How To Prepare Videos For Iphone And Ipod

How To Prepare Videos For Iphone And Ipod

Unfortunately, the standard iPhone player is not able to play any video files, it only supports certain video formats, this is such a harmful phone. Therefore, today we will tell how to make video for iPhone. Surely the manual will be useful to owners of the iPad and iPod Touch, who also encounter problems downloading videos to their devices.

As usual, we will analyze the problem with downloading videos using the iPhone as an example. Format incompatibility users experience when trying to download video to iPhone using iTunes. At the time of synchronization of movies and clips to the phone, iTunes displays the following message:

"The file was not copied to the iPhone, as it cannot be played on this iPhone"

At this point, two thoughts may appear in the user’s head:
1. Break the iPhone against the wall;
2. Try to figure out how to make video for the iPhone and make it show on the phone screen;

For those who decided to use option No. 2, we suggest trying to convert the video file using any converter for iPhone, we will use Any Video Converter (hereinafter AVC), the installation of which we recently performed.

How to convert video for iPhone
The conversion process will help to make video for the iPhone and your clip or film will be synchronized and work normally on the phone.

1. Install AVC in the computer

2. Run AVC, click the “Add Video” button and select the problematic video file, ie the one that does not record on the iPhone, and click "Open"

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3. As soon as the file appears in the program, go to the profile settings, select the MP4 format and below, in the options, you can select the video resolution, which is 320 x 240 by default. If you are converting video for iPad, select 1280 x 720 for the resolution.

4. Once all the settings are made, click the "Encode" button on the program panel, and wait for the conversion to complete.

5. When the angry bar in the “Status” column crawled to 100%, the program offered to upgrade to the professional version, we selected “No, thanks”, and then a folder with the finished video opened.

The resulting video file will be successfully copied to the iPhone using synchronization in iTunes and played with the regular phone player. In addition to AVC, you can convert video for iPhone and iPad using other converters.

In order to make video for the iPhone, we used a file of 45.9Mb in size, upon completion of the conversion, we got a file of 25.2Mb in size. The process itself lasted about one minute. After transferring the video to iPhone and viewing, we can say that the picture quality turned out to be quite satisfactory, without cubes and other distortions. If the original video is of poor quality, then the result will be appropriate.


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