How To Overlay Music On Videos And Add To Instagram

How To Overlay Music On Videos And Add To Instagram

In this article, we will look at how to overlay music on a video on Instagram and add it to a page, as well as other situations related to overlaying and adding songs. Follow our instructions and you will not have problems with performing these simple operations.

Brief instructions on how to make and upload video with music on Instagram:

In order to overlay a song on a clip, you will need a special editor. There are many such programs, for example, you can download Repla, KineMaster or ActionMovie F. You can do this through the Play Market or App Store. Enter one of these applications, select “Edit”, insert the desired audio file.

Many users of this social network are interested in how to substitute and attach music to videos on Instagram in order to play the desired section of the song. You can select the desired segment of the audio track and cut it in the same editor. To do this, click "My Music", click on the desired track, and you will be prompted to select the desired segment. After the choice is made, you need to click "Add Audio". Now you know how to insert (put) music in a video on Instagram.

Can I shoot video with sound?

Many are interested in the question of how to shoot video with music on Instagram for iPhone. Unfortunately, the service of this social network does not imply such an opportunity, but you can use the editor application and arrange your video sequence with the necessary audio accompaniment with its help.

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For iPhone such an editor is the Dubsmash application, which you can download at App Store.

How to create a video on this application:

  1. Press the menu button and give the command "Create Dub".
  2. You will be prompted to select audio from the files already in the program, or add your own. Do it.
  3. After selecting a track, go to the recording screen.
  4. Press "Start", and you can start recording your clip to the selected accompaniment.
  5. Then the program will independently combine the audio with the clip. You will receive a finished file.
  6. Dubsmash can use the front camera, and you can also shoot the movie through the rear camera.

The most popular programs for combining a clip with an audio track

DSCO from VSCO – program for Instagram, this application combines video with music. It is provided for free, works on devices with the iOS operating system. This application will allow you to create and edit dynamic GIFs, and publish them on social networks.

Lomotif is a free editor running on Android and IOS. Designed for creating and editing videos for Instagram. It has a variety of features: combining many videos into one, cropping clips, editing, mixing a video with a track, adding filters and titles, the ability to create slide shows.

Dubsmash is an iPhone program that allows you to edit clips. And also, with the help of this software you can shoot videos at the same time as applying the desired sound.

Why is my clip not being published?

The main reason Instagram does not miss video with music, does not allow them to be uploaded and deleted is copyright. If you use materials in your video that are the intellectual property of other people, then with a high degree of probability your clip will be deleted by the administration. Also, files containing materials prohibited by the rules of the site are deleted:

How To Overlay Music On Videos And Add To Instagram
  • Erotica and pornography.
  • Materials promoting racial and religious intolerance.
  • Promotion of unhealthy weight loss (anorexia).
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Social network users often ask the question: “Why does Instagram block, i.e. "Doesn’t publish and delete video with music, what to do in such a situation?” In this case, you can overwrite or edit your clip in another application and try to upload it again.

How to place a file?

Many are interested in how to upload a video with music and post it on Instagram. To do this, save the captured clip in your editor. Then enter the social network application, select the menu item in the form of a camera (it is located in the center). In the lower right corner you will see a field, touching which you will switch to the mode of selecting a clip from the files of your smartphone. Click Add.

Slide show

To make a video from a photo for Instagram with music, use one of the above editors. Select the "Slide Show" mode and add the necessary photos, then attach any audio track to the video.


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