How To Make Text On Iphone Larger

How To Make Text On Iphone Larger

Programmers of the iOS mobile operating system had to sacrifice a little usability in favor of an ideal appearance. This had the greatest effect on fonts, because a slightly larger text size would have looked terrible. However, not everyone needs beauty from the system, users want to see what is written on the screen of their device and it does not matter if it is beautiful or not. But the developers from Cupertino did not deprive anyone and built into the system a function allowing to significantly increase the font size.

The conversation in this article will focus on ways to increase the font size on the screen of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with iOS 7 installed. It’s about the ways, because Apple programmers took maximum care of people with disabilities, allowing them to improve the process of interacting with the device with several different functions.

The easiest way to enlarge text on iPhone

In order to use this function, you do not need to make any additional settings. Pinch-to-zoom – a function that has become one of the main features of the original iPhone, allows the user to enlarge text in various applications with multi-touch. The function has long been familiar to users, but just in case, let’s recall how it works: in order to enlarge text or an image in the application, touch the screen with two fingers and spread them apart. Pinch-to-zoom does not work in all applications, but standard applications, for example, Safari, Photos, Mail support it.

I also want to include the Smart Zoom function here. In the same standard applications, or applications that work with text and images, for example, third-party browsers (Google Chrome, Puffin), you can increase the displayed content by quickly double-clicking on one place.

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Increase text size using iOS settings

The previous method is clearly not suitable for users who have vision problems. But for this there is a more radical solution that allows you to increase the text in any application that supports the function Dynamic font. In order to activate this function, do the following:

Step 1. Go to the menu Settings.> The main.> Text size

Step 2. Move the slider to the position that will be most successful for you

Step 3. Return to the menu. Main

After setting these simple settings, all applications in which the function is available Dynamic font (and there are many of them, by the way) the text will display in accordance with your parameters.

If this increase seems insignificant to you, then try another way:

Step 1. Go to the menu Settings.> The main.> Universal access

Step 2. Select a section Larger font

Step 3. Activate the switch Large dynamic font and move the slider when the text size is visible to you

With this function, we also increase the text size only for applications that support the function Dynamic font, but as you can see, here we can significantly affect this parameter.

How To Make Text On Iphone Larger

Activate the Zoom function

IOS 7 has another feature that can help visually impaired people work with the device. The increase makes it possible to scale the displayed content, regardless of whether it is a picture, text or a window with parameters. To activate this function, do the following:

Step 1. Go to the menu Settings.> The main.> Universal access

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Step 2. Select the menu Increase

Step 3. Activate the switch Increase. Carefully read the small help located on this page, it describes how to manage the function

After activation Increase the user has access to new multi-touch gestures. In order to enlarge the screen, you must double-click with three fingers simultaneously on it, to navigate, drag three fingers around the perimeter, and in order to bring it as close as possible you need to double-click with three fingers on the screen, do not release them and just drag them up (down to reduce) .

It is worth mentioning about the support of the iPhone in bold, which can be activated by going to Settings.> The main.> Universal access.> Bold font. Attention – immediately after activating this parameter, the device will automatically reboot.


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