How To Make Screen Brightness On Computer

How To Make Screen Brightness On Computer

How to make the screen brighter?

A monitor screen is a window into the world for a person who spends a lot of time at the computer. In order to make the time spent in front of the computer as comfortable as possible, you should pay attention to the screen settings. In particular, its brightness.

When is it worth changing the brightness of the screen?

If we are talking about a stationary computer, then the brightness will change only depending on the level of light in the room. For example, when the light is off, the brightness should be reduced so that the eyes do not feel discomfort and that the image is clearer.

When working with portable devices, environmental conditions can change more radically. Therefore, for example, when working with a laptop in nature, the screen should be made brighter. But remember that increasing brightness leads to increased battery consumption. Those. the laptop will run out faster if the screen “burns” brighter.

How to brighten the screen: ways

  1. If you want to change the brightness on a desktop computer, then the easiest way is to use the special settings buttons directly on the monitor.
  2. On a laptop, you can adjust the screen brightness in various ways.
    • Firstly, you can open the "Control Panel" through the "Start" menu. Next – select "System and Security" and go to the "Power" tab. In the window that opens, you can see the scale that adjusts the brightness of the screen, or a more complex system of parameters that will allow you to customize the computer;
    • The second way to change the screen brightness is mechanical and simpler. You will need to press the Fn button on the keyboard of your laptop and at the same time press the F5 button (to decrease the brightness) or F6 (to increase the brightness). The buttons F5 and F6 can be replaced with any other manufacturer or through the personal settings of your laptop. But as a rule, the icons for this function are drawn on the brightness control button.
    • To quickly adjust the brightness on devices with Android, a special application was released. It is called Brightness Rocker Pro. Using it is very simple. After you installed the application on your tablet, you can change the brightness by pressing the button – volume control. Together with the volume indicator, a brightness indicator appears on the screen. And you can make the screen brighter or dimmer.
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    Even more interesting

    How to reduce monitor brightness

    The influence of bright computer screens on the brain is underestimated by many. Sitting at a computer in the dark leads to a suppression of the production of melatonin, which gives the body a kind of signal for sleep. This, subsequently, leads to sleep disturbance and fatigue in the daytime. This happens due to the excessive amount of light that comes from computer monitors, laptops or displays of phones and tablets. That is why it is advisable to reduce the brightness of displays at least half in the evening and at night. If you use a laptop or phone, this step will also help save battery power. In the article we will tell you how to reduce the brightness of the computer monitor and laptop.

    How to change the brightness of a laptop display?

    Each laptop is different, so adjusting the brightness and contrast of the screen may differ from the steps provided in this article. It should be noted that the brightness level may be limited by your power settings.

    Method 1 – Adjust the brightness using the keys

    Most laptops support changing the brightness level using a function key in combination with another key. For example, by pressing and holding a function key (abbreviated “Fn”) and the up arrow or down arrow, you can increase or decrease the brightness of the screen. The key used to adjust the brightness with “Fn” may differ depending on the specific laptop model, but the symbol remains the same everywhere – the sun icon.

    Method 2 – brightness control through the control panel

    You can also adjust the brightness through the control panel in the display settings. To do this, do the following:

    1. Open the control panel.
    2. Open the “Screen” option.

    In the screen settings window on the left, find and open the item "Brightness Settings".

  3. You will be redirected to the notebook power scheme setup menu. At the very bottom of the window there will be a brightness adjustment slider.
  4. Set a comfortable display brightness level and close the window. Changes will take effect immediately.
  5. Method 3 – Change the brightness through the driver software of your video card

    If you have installed one of the popular video adapters (Nvidia, AMD or Intel), you can change the brightness, contrast, gamma settings in the driver’s own configuration window.

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    For NVIDIA Graphics

    1. Right-click on the desktop and select “NVIDIA Control Panel”.
  6. In the navigation panel, on the left, open the item "Adjust desktop color settings."
  7. Select the desired display, if you have several, and then activate the "Use NVIDIA Settings" item. Now you can move the sliders to adjust brightness, contrast and gamma. Click the Apply button for the changes to take effect.
  8. AMD / ATI video drivers also have the ability to change the brightness, contrast and gamma of the display, although access to the settings panel for these values ​​may vary between driver versions. For example, in the “Catalyst 10.2” version, to enable brightness control, go to the “Color” menu. You can open the program by right-clicking on the desktop and select the “Catalyst Control Center” item from the context menu.

    For Intel Graphics

    1. Open the Intel driver configurator. To do this, right-click on the desktop and select “Graphics Properties” or “Graphics Features”. You can also open the configurator by finding it in the control panel.
    2. Click on the “Color Correction” button. After that, the gamma, brightness and contrast options will open. Set a comfortable brightness level for your display and click “Apply” or “OK” when done.
    How To Make Screen Brightness On Computer

    Method 4 – If the above methods do not work

    If the keyboard combination with the function key does not work, and you have made the appropriate adjustments to Power Options, then most likely your computer has problems with the video card drivers. This usually happens after updating the driver. In this case, we recommend either rolling back to the previous version of the driver, or performing a clean install. A clean installation involves the complete removal of the current driver from the OS (including additional software) and the installation of a new driver.

    If none of the options helped, then most likely the problem is either in the operating system itself or in the hardware.

    How to change the brightness of the desktop monitor?

    If you have a stationary computer, then the above methods are also applicable to it, however, it is much more convenient to use the functionality of the monitor itself to calibrate the brightness parameters. Almost all monitors have physical or touch control buttons. Usually there are 4-5 of them: the power button, menu, auto-tuning, left and right arrows.

    Of course, depending on the model, their number may vary. For example, Samsung’s new monitors use a 5-way joystick.

    To adjust the brightness, press the "Menu" button and go to the brightness and contrast settings. Use the left or right arrow keys to set the desired value.

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    If you have a different control circuit, refer to the instructions for your monitor that came with it.

    Useful Tips

    1. In a room where the sun is shining, it is better to pull up the curtains a bit and set the brightness at the level of 15-30%. Here, of course, everything is individual, but more than a third of the maximum brightness level should not be set. If, nevertheless, the sun shines directly on the display, then set the maximum level.
    2. If your work is related to design or photographs, then you should remember that when the brightness is reduced, color distortion is possible.
    3. Try to set the lighting so that its light does not fall directly on the monitor. This can cause glare and discomfort in the work.

    Windows computer versions:

    Similar news

    The brightness of the screen allows us to see dark objects, for example, at night in games. But a strong brightness strains the eyes and a long stay behind a monitor with a strong brightness becomes impossible and dangerous for eyesight. From strong brightness, our eyes get tired and begin to watery.

    The monitor settings and the settings for the video card driver are responsible for the brightness of the image. In most cases, the brightness settings are set to average, which is optimal for most users.

    Monitor dimming

    The brightness control on the monitor is the most convenient way to choose the brightness of the monitor for your workstation.

    1. Using the monitor control buttons, open monitor settings menu
    2. Choose the section responsible for the picture (it can be called by different names, usually Picture picture) or direct tuning, if any.
    3. Using the function buttons of the monitor, set the brightness mode to your convenience.

    Decrease brightness with the Nvidia driver

    Installed video card drivers can also change the brightness of the screen:

    1. We click on the free space on the desktop with the right mouse button and open "Control PanelNvidia ".
    2. In the Nvidia control panel, select "Adjust desktop color settings ".
    3. Using the slider select the desired brightness.

    Decrease brightness with the AMD Radeon driver

    As is the case with Nvidia graphics cards, the AMD Radeon driver is able to change the brightness of the screen.

    1. We click on the free space on the desktop with the right mouse button and open "CatalystControlCenter " or "AMDRadeonSettings "(Depending on the version of the installed driver).
    2. In the window that opens, go to the item "Color ".
    3. Using the slider choose the brightness level.

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